Who will do more harm than Pak-India war?

For the past few days, free India has intensified the tension. India has jumped into the adventures of being alone on the diplomatic front as well as being lonely on every front. This is nothing new, since Pakistan has existed. Since then, India has made every effort to abolish the existence of Pakistan. In every conspiracy against Pakistan, India has some role, sometimes directly and indirectly. Is.
It is well-known that India can never be a friend of Pakistan. A foolish enemy is a better option than a foolish friend. It is as if India is eager to become Pakistan’s foolish friend as well. There is an enemy too which Pakistan understands best.

But India has not learned a lesson from it and does not let any chance of ending Pakistan go hand in hand. India has learned that Pakistan is an unending enemy and the biggest obstacle in my path to Asia.
On Tuesday, the nation was disappointed at the infiltration by India and the cloud of despondency was shaking on the nation. I was thinking that Pakistan would take no response and everything would continue as usual.

They say that whoever remembers after the war, they should make their mouths adorned. But on the contrary, Pakistan had a brilliant retaliation that raised the morale of the military and non-military forces and the Pakistani nation once said. “Peace to the Pak Army” has been raised. This action seems to be an answer to India’s infiltration. The military and political leadership will decide the best Pakistan has to offer.

However, in Kiev I think that answering India in its own voice will curb India’s insanity. Even five times bigger than the enemy is not a good option, but if the enemy kills himself, the answer is It has to be doubled and that will be a lesson for India.

Now the question is, why is India doing this? One answer is simple to understand that there is an election in India and that the attitude of India in the elections is traditional and history is a witness to that.

The second answer is that successful SeaPak investment in Pakistan, growing relations with Afghanistan, promotion of tourism, growing conditions for law and order, cricket returns, Indian agencies’ failure in Pakistan and Sikh families are in favor of Pakistan. India is not digesting and all of them are making it susceptible to confusion. India is losing its senses and we do not know what to do. Is using different strategies to prevent growth.

Pakistan also knows the fact that I have nothing to lose and India will lose a lot in this war. Because in this situation, investors withdraw their capital from the market and new investors do not come. Anyway in Pakistan. There is not so much investment and there is a lot of investment in India, this war will bring a huge blow to investment in India and then the Indian economy will weaken and the result will be more economic loss to India.

Therefore, India does not want war but if international elements support India in it, then it is not too far away. It turns out that India’s greatest strength is its economy and if there is war then it will be its The biggest failure will be, so India will not want this war and it will not be a war.

War is not the solution to any problem. From war, humanity reaches the brink of destruction. India also has to think, what has been the benefit of the wars that have happened to Pak army till today and who has won? Pakistan understands this. And that is why he is inviting talks again and again. This is the philosophy going on in the world that his opponent should defeat all other aggression while avoiding war. He should not retreat from India. That should be the same reaction as India does. We should weaken India’s aggressive behavior and force defense behavior and Pakistan should adopt aggressive behavior. Pakistan international isolation to prevent suffering.

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