Pak-India tension and region situation

If we look at the importance of Islam and Pakistan in the present situation, it can be assumed that at that time, Malik Aziz Pakistan has rightly taken the position of representing the whole world Islam. Thanks to the best foreign policy of Azam Khan. An environment is being created in all over South Asia, including Islam, in the context of which Pishin is predicting that Shaid is likely to become a new block in South Asia.

Saudi Arabia’s visit to Saudi Arabia during the visit of Saudi Arabia’s billionaire Muhammad Bin Salman, where billions of dollars worth of investment deals and activities of Saudi Wali Ahad surprised India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Created language and footsteps.

In 1974, when the summit of the Islamic countries was held in Lahore, the United States, the Soviet Union and India created severe anxiety that if an Islamic blockade existed in the region, then Pakistan and other Islamic countries in the US and the West in terms of resources That is why it was only four months after this conference that India launched its first nuclear explosion, which was intended to convey the message that the neighboring country of India, which the Islamic countries are going to rely on, also had nuclear powers. Is.

If India and Pakistan have the defense capabilities to be evaluated, Pakistan is not only capable of defending itself in the event of attack, but Pakistan has the world’s number one intelligence agency (ISI) while India. Pakistan’s intelligence agency is ranked eighth or tenth in the world when it comes to defense and intelligence, Pakistan is fully capable of dealing with the enemy, which is estimated to have taken place all over the world, including India, when India’s two warships. Tried to invade Pakistan’s integrity by violating the border for the second time, which Pakistan’s misses Eden Hasan Siddiqui Shaheen Air Force shot down two enemy aircraft in the light of day and even the Indian army had arrested Pilot Wing Commander Nandan.

Enemy India always resorted to terrorism to destroy Pakistan’s peace, while Pakistan always called for talks to resolve India’s affairs in order to end terrorism and maintain peace in the region, which India considered Pakistan’s weakness. In the event of a possible war, Pakistan has strong allies in the case of China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries that will support Pakistan against Indian aggression.

India is suffering from isolation due to Pakistan’s excellent diplomacy. Currently, the situation in the region which has been created due to Indian fanaticism is changing moment by moment due to the increasing tension between Pakistan and India. Reasons being blamed on Pakistan over the Paloma incident were not only rejected by the Saudi Wali Ahad, but voices from inside India also denied it, and the United States did not endorse the Indian position.

In the last meeting of the Security Council, where the rumors of the Paloma attack were regretted, Bharti also rejected the allegations of Pakistan being investigated. But the leading leaders of Islamic countries are playing a vital role, trying to convince the world that India is moving in the direction of a major catastrophe in the region.

That is why no one in the world, including Israel, is ready to support India’s position. India has not only taken diplomatic position because of its extremist behavior, but also with its heavy losses on Pakistan. In the world, according to the juggernaut, Pakistan is a country in New Asia, with the establishment of which its enemies are engaged in conspiracy to break it.

In the separation of East Pakistan from Pakistan in the war of 71, the enemy had a major role in separation of India. His confession before the whole world exposed the terrorist India’s malicious face.
The history of oppression and brutality in Kashmir, India is known all over the world including the leading forces of democracy and democracy. The path to peace in Pakistan and India passes through Kashmir. There has been a short war in the year, unless the Kashmir problem is resolved then peace between Pakistan and India cannot be established.

Pakistan always invited India to resolve disputed issues, including Kashmir through dialogue, but not only did India always show a cold but UN and international forces also did not play a role in resolving Kashmir’s problem. At the meeting, the opposition, including the government, invited India to resolve all issues through dialogue while offering peace, but it was also emphasized that India wants our peace and efforts.

At present, the entire nation stands at the back of civilian and military leadership in the face of India’s anti-Semitism and arrogance. Parmudi should be aware that Pakistan’s offer to resolve the joint terrorism, the Paloma evidence and other issues through dialogue. Do not risk the peace of the region for the sake of its political goals, in the region that the Hutt Dharma Narendra Modi has sparked to realize the dream of destroying the peace and establishing its chaos in the region. This dream of a disaster proved to be a danger to him and the security of the region could be at risk.

The powerful powers of the United Nations need to move forward and Pak India should play its role in ending the tensions so that Modi’s madness in South Asia will not limit the peace of the world by limiting the fire from limitless to limitless. Give

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