US looking for escape from Afghanistan

America’s biggest downfall in the economy and finance sector is that it has turned into a “debtor” country rather than a lending country, mainly because of spending on defense and social sector projects in the US. The so-called war against terrorism and China’s economic development have put America at a new crossroads.

Today, the United States and its allies could not even imagine that the war in Afghanistan could not be imagined as a failure. Will change into the longest war in history.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been described as the most expensive wars in American history, with costs estimated at $ 4-6 billion.

Britain’s intervention in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq cost the country £ 30 billion, which equates to a thousand pounds for every British household, as well as financial reports published in other US allied countries show that theirs One of the major reasons for refusing to continue our military presence in Afghanistan is the great costs incurred in this war, which they can no longer afford.
There is no doubt that the United States and NATO have been badly defeated in this country and they will continue to suffer the effects of this defeat for many years to come.

The reason for the defeat of the United States and the NATO-initiated war in Afghanistan is the increasing financial costs and casualties of the United States and NATO in this war. The United States is a far bigger force than the Soviet Union, and America’s global supremacy is at the heart of billions. There is a scarecrow, so no one is shocked at the mention of America’s downfall, someone smiles at it, and someone gets angry.

In 1974, when the United States spent $ 85 billion annually on defense, many times richer and more productive than the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union was spending $ 109 billion on defense, with only one billion population in China during that time, only 29 billion, Britain 9.7 billion, France was just $ 9.9 billion and Germany $ 13.7 billion.

After the occupation of Afghanistan the Soviet Union’s economy was severely destroyed, which resulted in the Soviet Union split into many parts. Today, the United States is also in such a situation, its economy is in severe crisis and it is embarrassed. Looking for an escape from Afghanistan to escape.

The United States has been touting nearly a billion dollars a month on the unprovoked Afghan war. For decades, the United States has been ranked as the world’s largest economic power, but for the past few years, its economy has been in a slump. Citizens are unemployed, and budget deficits and differences in political parties have increased.

China’s growth has been impressive, it has driven millions out of poverty through its high rate of production. China has decided to withdraw air from the US economic balloon rather than embark on the military front. The positive steps taken to end the monopoly of global financial institutions will leave developing countries with the torture of the IMF and the World Bank over time. The century will be over.

The United States has reacted cautiously to the establishment of a new bank, but over time, the United States has seen a flurry of recession. Is Trump the United States after the biggest economic crisis since World War II? Will the new policies outweigh the other major economic crisis in its history? Will all the Americans benefit from the new economic policies the US president has promised? Are Trump’s plans for the economy identified? With the completion, will the American economy compete with other major economies in the world? It will be timely, but here the United States has taken a stand against terrorism. The so-called war has begun to reconsider.

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