Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohammed visits Pakistan

The Prime Minister of Malaysia and the prominent ruler of the Islamic world, Dr Mahathirban Mohammed, visited the fast on the occasion of “Day of Pakistan” which was important in many respects. The impression was made by the arrival of – Since Dr. Mahathir is a prominent figure in global business politics, his arrival is likely to outweigh the interests of the widows – the importance of the visit is also reflected in the investment in the host country – it is possible that one billion dollars worth of investment is in different sectors This will be done in telecom, automobile, agriculture, tourism, and halal foods, etc. – In this connection several Memorandum of Understanding was signed – Malaysia specialized in locally produced JF Thunder 17, Halal Meat, Rice Vidigar Products in Pakistan.

Expressed interest- Tarano-year-old Dr Mahathir Mohamed is said to be the founder of Agargadid Malaysia – there is no exaggeration – his political journey is full of ambitious accomplices – the measure of successful leadership is the right decision-making in the circumstances. The reigning leadership, with great concern and wisdom, can be set at a fast pace in the short term – the development and prosperity of Malaysia is a manifestation of their insight and wisdom. In 1981, when Mahathir Mohammed took over the government of Anan through a democratic process. The status quo was an island with a total economy of palm oil and rubber.

Only two decades ago, in 1957, the newly independent state of British colonial rule, Malaysia was facing a question of survival – poverty and prosperity were waning – nation was divided into tribes – it was clear that Malaysia was 69 percent Malay, 23 percent Chinese, while close. 7% is a multicultural country of Indian descent – ethnic divisions deep and present for centuries, the effects of which are still felt today – due to ethnic superiority, even for a period the clouds of civil war continued to shine.

Malaysia inherits such complex issues of poverty, scarce resources and dispersed communities. In view of these challenges, Dr. Mahathir Mohammed has laid out a comprehensive roadmap for sustainable development – hidden in a standardized educational system on a sustainable basis in the state. Special attention was given – although English was a part of society since British colonial period, it was made an official component of the education curriculum by the status of official language – not just emphasis on formal education but equal importance of vocational training.

Malaysia rolled out economic reforms after the educational field – skilled new plants, political stability and administrative ability became so successful that Malaysian land became considered fertile for foreign investment – Malaysia just transferred capital. Not only on the other hand, but also persuaded investors to produce their products locally – the policy had far-reaching consequences – Malaysia was not just an assembly plant but an industrial force – technology transfer. Within a short period of time, the items that engraved Japan or Germany were there Med began to register in Malaysia – replace expensive palm oil and rubber exports with expensive electronics products – change preferences over time – further innovation in terms of changing demand has diversified the economy – Islamic finance and tourism Time Malaysians are playing a major role in the economy – the balance of payments has also been corrected as exports increase as a result of domestic growth, the value of the ringtone has been strengthened with the loss of foreign exchange.

Infrastructure ie communication is the backbone of the development of any country – Mahathir Mohammed was aware of this fact and so the development of this sector was given a lot of attention – roads, bridges, buildings and ports were spread. The result of the first investment is that today Malaysia is the eighth in the whole of Asia and the fifth largest in the world – Kuala Lumpur is well known by the Petronas Twin Towers, Dada Zeb buildings and spacious roads.

Mahathir Mohammed played a long rule – the continuation of the elected government in 1981 lasted for 22 years, demonstrating public confidence in government performance – under his leadership, Malaysia continued to grow twice as fast as day – economic growth rate due to government policies. The percentage that is high in Asia after China – there were many crises in this long period of power, the most fatal was the 1997 currency crisis in which many countries in the Far East came home to chess players. When the capital began to withdraw, the booming economies on a volatile basis had collapsed – before Lao economy would collapse, mhatyrhkumt the snbhala- to take timely steps economy Nevertheless, in 2003, the public insistence was removed from active politics and the leadership shifted to the senior command of the party according to the prevailing democratic principles. Malaysia has been the flag of development, with its deputies taking power – over the past 15 years, though progress in Malaysia has been forgotten, but in politics, corruption, mismanagement, and even the malicious process of rewarding oneself are on the rise.

While fleeing Dorsen, the elements began to tighten on the corrupt elements, though due to political constraints the process is slow – all the business deals that were carried out in the previous regime, which had to be exposed to the public, were canceled. Or are the implicit terms being repeated – now that these lines are being scrapped, the world media is aware that the cost of the railway deal with China has been reduced by $ 2.5 billion – their stance on the matter. Arguing that it is not beyond the general interest of the country, the relations of states with the same purpose.

Dr Mahathir Mohammed has always been the ally of the Muslim Brotherhood – he emphasized economic, economic and political cooperation between the Muslim states – the Muslim Ummah-like paths were always raised in protest in favor of Palestine and Kashmir. Explains the best of the Ummah – American whites continue to expose the fibers to the wings – terming the war on terror in the context of September 11 as a systematic plot to seize the resources of Muslim states.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan considers him as his political leader – his integrity, political acumen, and economic strategy are critically acclaimed – needing that Pakistan’s rulers benefit from his political experience – perpetuating Pakistan. Take advantage of their experiences in solving problems of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, illiteracy, and economic misery so that patriarchs can achieve political stability.

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