How to give a job interview?

The job seeker agreed to be interviewed several times after various tests and tests. Collaborate with others in the test preparation process and content delivery. I also think it is important to share my experiences regarding interviews.

Their ability can be assured of their place. But the test, how to be interviewed has to learn from one’s own or others’ experiences, as well as regular preparation. Not that you don’t have to prepare for a test, interview, if you’re a good and capable person. Similarly, you may be lucky to get selected for the first time or else you usually have to work hard and go through these steps many times.

Your personality and education are fundamental to the interview. There are many things in personality. First of all, your brain must be present. Arrange for the basic elements of the interview, such as getting yourself and the required papers into the interview space.

Some people forget the necessary papers at home. And they go there and say that we did not know, or we were not told that these things were to be brought. Carry all your credentials, personal data, and other certificates. If you have a dissertation, essay, or research work and the job is of the same nature, take it with you whether or not you are asked to bring it.

Then there is your outfit, costume, and other things in personality. I think the interviewees get so much sensation or instruction from all sides to choose the right outfit. The dress should not be too oversized or weird. The color is not too prominent and differential. There is an equal risk of both good and bad impression. If there are clothes, arrange vests, etc. If there is a paint coat, even better.
I have no experience with girls’ clothing.

Arrive at the interview place, go to the washroom, check the hair bracelet, see the shoes are more dirty then clean them somehow. If you can see yourself looking worse then think again.
Going to the interview room, getting out, sitting, talking are all important things.

When you go, do not try to shake hands. A smiley face on your face. Be absolutely normal and natural. Laugh out Laugh, no problem It’s not exactly a manual cirrhosis. On the other hand, you are the kind of person you are in front of, so don’t be afraid. Instead, communicate in a friendly mode and be confident. Do not make hints or actions that indicate your concern.

Eliminate fear within yourself. In fact, it is feared that the preparation of the test, so difficult to reach here is no longer selected. In your own life, make sure that I have nothing to do with economic conditions, domestic problems or difficulties until I get to a better place.

Also remove the fear that if left in the interview, you will not know what will happen. You’re left with nothing to do. There is no special answer from Allaah, but seek the provision of honor, beneficence and satisfaction. Allah will surely rely on Him. I had a lecturer interview, had done several test interviews before. During the test all my tests were shaking my hands even with the fear that if this test was not cleared then I would not know what to do, the house, the society, the future, all these things were frightening. It was then that I did not know when the lecturer’s job would come.

The interview had a similar quality. I was interviewed. But Allah gave a better job than this. So do not be too worried about a particular job that you have to get it, but there may be other sources of sustenance. Allah has promised sustenance, not a specific job.

Regarding the job that you do not get without recommendation and money, remove it from your mind.
I also have my own experience and many friends also say that their job is without any recommendation and money. Recommendation and money are nothing compared to merit so focus on merit do not go after such nasty things and ideas. It is as if money and recommendation, etc. do not work at all. They too have a role to play. But you trust in God and focus on your ability will not bring you down to further improvement.

After all these things, you know. One of the specialties in knowledge is the knowledge of the subject whose job it is. Subject preparation is also very important in interviews after a test because you may not be able to respond to anything immediately because things are not refreshed. So do not hesitate to prepare for the test, but rather, as you know, tests. Clarified to read the material again and make the interview regular.

As it relates to every interview, read these things more and more under normal circumstances. In an interview I was asked about the family slave, knowing nothing about it and I could not respond well.
It can be inferred that the interviewer could go anywhere in Indian history or ask anything in Islamic history. So it is better to study history more and more.

After hearing the news, learn more in depth about some of the things that are very common. But if you don’t know the answer to these things, don’t worry. In one interview, I answered all the things I asked about the subject, but I was upset when I missed three or four questions from Pakistan. When I woke up and came out in the same trouble, it made me disconnect on my movements because of the anxiety in my mind.

Do not be disturbed in any way in the interview. If you do not get an answer, two do not, five do not come, still do not worry. You may well answer the next fifteen twenty questions. A friend of mine recounted something similar. Being upset makes your confessional dances loose and you forget about things to come, so don’t let the anxiety get too close.

Think of the interviewer as your friend, psychology has a profound effect. When you think that he is dishonest or that he is my enemy, such psychology will affect the interview. So consider him a friend and mix with him. Do not confront the interviewer, do not confront. Even if they are wrong about something, express it properly.

Your emotional action will do nothing for him and you will not. Military matters, sensitive things, terrorist situations, political affiliations are all things that need a very careful response.

One of the things that is most important is that you can also change the direction of the interviewer in the right direction. For example, if one thing does not come up, try to answer it briefly.

But if something comes up, start answering it in more detail. More details will come out and your interview will go in the direction you are most familiar with. In the introduction, I also don’t mention anything that I don’t know much about. Yes, especially if you are an expert in something, there are many opportunities to move the interview in that direction. The situation of your dissertation, research work and essay is also that if you can better describe your expertise in it, mention it well. If reading these things benefits the interview, don’t forget to send sweets.

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