Will the Islamic Block’s Path Be Done?

The Qibla of the Muslims, the reality of all the massage, the historical affiliation of the Muslims to Jerusalem is a Muslim truth. Where Trump’s announcement to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel has created consensus in the Islamic world, the West has also voiced its opposition to the US decision on the sensitivity of the sentiment and position of Muslims to this important place.

There is also the danger of billions of Muslims, their states, governments being stripped of the market, a move to take a clear stand in the West. In addition, the West appears to be a life-afflicting attempt for years of Muslim Ummah. Immediate global response has provided the basis for the creation of a riot in Washington and Europe on the one hand, and on the other hand, the Middle East is looking at a page on the matter.

Many US historians have always been criticized because of the growing problems of their people, the gradual scattering at the surface, the successful presidents voted in the name of solutions to the internal problems of the people, Affordable facilities have not overcome the problems of the American public and have not been able to quell the anger of their own voters.

The departing president makes internal issues clear for the incoming ruler. The current president, Donald Trump, won the Democratic voting Democrat voting votes of US-led cities in the deserted industry and the American Political observers, analysts and observers were surprised, but it was believed that Trump could not abolish the legacy of the former president’s legacy, which increased crime, created a racial divide. The army increased the Zafar wave.

Continued military failures in Afghanistan have reduced the morale of the entire army. Confidentiality Mutual Conflict in Secret Security Reports Various reports of secret agencies investigating the same issue show their mutual conflicts, staff disturbances, angry elites in ruling elite increasing the number of displaced people in Congress Republicans The mutual resentment of Carpublican in the supervision of Democrat and Republican coming to the position of Democrites does not make it possible for Donald Trump to satisfy representatives of both parties for their policies.

Moreover, as he takes office, millions of people protest against Trump on community oath, judgments against him by courts are repeatedly demonstrated in American states, with sentimental violence overpowering ordinary Americans. And the use of it, in addition to the loss of human lives, the growing anxiety among youth, the criminals and the criminals growing up, the timely misconduct in such a situation, ex-President Bill Clinton’s “foreign policy to alleviate many US presidential internal failures.” giving priority.

“These US presidents spend 55 percent of their time on economy and healthcare 25 percent on foreign policy and 20 percent on private affairs. The current president, Donald Trump, is not in the position to focus on 75 percent of internal affairs. The only way to escape is to create conditions in the world that will save 75% of the lives. Corruption, money laundering, Russia’s investigation into Russia, undermining embarrassment, weakening their opposition can only influence wealthy Jews.

Trump is deliberately implementing the plan, but it’s better to say that the plan is being implemented by him. The goal is to create a professional contradiction in the Middle East by transforming national distribution into ethnic division. Russia, Bashar al-Assad strong defeat in Syria, Lebanon’s anti-Israeli Hezbollah fighters defeat the Israeli navy, Israeli fears of Hezbollah’s secret hideout in Israeli Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria Strong situation in the Middle East Cooperation Friendship Apart from Pakistan clearly denouncing Dumor’s position in front of US leadership, apologizes for growing ties with Russia, China, Iran and Turkey Has not only disturbed but also created distinction and division in the US administrative structure Have done.

The division in the administration has also supported Pakistan, which emphasizes realistic policy, attitude and decision-making due to world conditions, but internally, this part is weak. On the contrary, creating crises, adding to the wars. , The tension-boosting factor appears to be strong, which emphasized to Trump that the Syrian case is over, a success in Afghanistan but the presence of Asian countries is not enough.

Arab-Islamic states in the Middle East are mutually exclusive, so the chance that Egypt will enter Lebanon as a result of the eviction from Syria is appropriate for the release of Jerusalem in the new capital of Israel. The two gains will shift the attention of the American people to external threats, and they fear internally that ISIS will now invade the United States and the West because of the cost of oral mobilization in the West and al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab al-Nusra altogether. The fugitives of ISIS will justify the intervention of the boys, resulting in Ufrqh ethnic tensions after sectarian crisis in the country will be destroyed later war.

In the last issue of Riverside, it was mentioned that war and peace efforts in the Middle East would be intensified. The American elite, Penta Gone, the CIA is preparing for a new war in the aforementioned issue. His defeat in Syria does not digest him. The elite tried to create an artificial crisis in Lebanon through Prime Minister Saad Hariri, but were attacked in Lebanon by involving people and anti-Israeli forces, but Saudi Arabia clearly became part of such a conspiracy. Denied, furthermore, Russia’s strong position in the region to establish Saudi Arabia’s arms industry and to train its specialists, to fulfill trade and defense needs, led to the Saudi leadership believing that Russia was a Saudi interior. It is not interested in matters but respects such a policy Has forced Iran to rely on Turkey and cooperation with Turkey.

The three countries held a meeting in Sochi, Russia, to establish peace in the Middle East. Later, Pakistan participated in the Shanghai Conference and increased the importance of the Sochi Summit that Pakistan is also a key player in the East. Under the circumstances, Russia is in a position to make a peace deal in the region.

It is clear that the so-called Middle East peace contenders are coming out of the United States and “Russia”. President Trump’s decision is considered a clear violation of international law in the civilized world. The rights of the Palestinian people can be viewed in favor and in the form of misconduct and hatred. This decision cannot lead to a viable peace. A peace that provides justice to the Palestinians.

The actions of President Trump have left the United States and Israel alone on a global scale. Israel’s right to Palestine is unbelievable. The dominance of international law and diplomacy in the 21st century is a test of how intelligently the region can be made peaceful. Jerusalem is unequally and indeed part of Palestine. The United Nations Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America are voicing outrage over the fourth Geneva Convention globally, forcing the transfer of Palestinian citizens under Article 49 against occupying their territory.

It is time for Pakistan to hold a conference of Iran, Turkey, Arab and Muslim countries through the international community, which also becomes an international responsibility in these situations. Emphasis should be placed on the international community to fulfill their legal, moral, political, diplomatic responsibilities. The United States and Israel are not in a position to stop the global community from taking on such responsibilities. It is expected to show extraordinary solidarity over a long period of time.

The American people also have a responsibility to play their part at this point in history. The American people have a history of making their rulers’ Vietnam policy successful in their quest for peace in Afghanistan, but these rulers have acted against their sentiments, which the American people have reacted too harshly to and the ruling Vietnam. Forces were forced to call.

The US president has played a game about Jerusalem that is still in the throes of being a powerful president of the world, but the voice of the “Third Infidel” has been rising. Neighboring embassies in New Jerusalem will also not be able to provide protection to incoming staff. It is true that Trump has crossed the Red Line and has endangered the interests of the American people as well as the world. The situation requires that Pakistan-Iran, Turkey-Islamic-Islamic Conference accelerate efforts to establish an Islamic block or union. Mutually, there can be no better chance of strengthening a relationship. Trump’s foolishness and the leadership of the Muslim world await the consequences.

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