I am the Haji Prize Divine

This was a matter of the eighteenth century. The reason for the success of our ancestors in the raw leather business was that ordinary Muslims were not attracted to this business because of the odor, while the Hindus did not come close to this business because of Mata. Most people in the Chinote community were affiliated with the business. Therefore, my grandfather and grandfather initially started to do business in Mohalla Shah Mohammad Ghaus outside the old city wall and later outside the city wall.
Animal skins that were purchased from the villages would be salted and exported to other countries. In fact, the British rulers were convinced to get raw leather and sell it to us at expensive prices. The British did not want the leather industries to be established here.

My grandfather was an honorary magistrate in the British era. While the royal mosque (which was built by the Emperor of India, Asadullah, in Chiniot) was also patrol. In the latter part of the age, they decided to seek the pilgrimage of Hajj Bait Allah. In those days, the traffic was very slow and uneven.

He took his younger son Hafizullah Bakhsh to look after him. The longest journey from Karachi to Jeddah was completed in several weeks. But this journey was very serious on the nature of the grandfather. Then, when you arrived in Jeddah, it was difficult for you to travel with the caravan because of the nazi medicine. At that critical time, his son Hafizullah Bakhsh claimed the right to have children. When Parduada was returning to Pakistan after receiving the pilgrimage of Hajj Bait Allah, he died in the ship due to illness.

Since the journey was long, it was not possible to bring his dead body to Karachi, so it was customary for him to be laid on a wooden plank and brought to the base of the sea while my grandfather also died in 1908. Father Mian Mehboob Divine, who was not highly educated, opened a shoe shop in Anarkali Lahore under the name of “Calcutta Boat House” at the urging of loved ones.

I started elementary education at Islamia High School Chiniot and could not get any matriculation after that because there was no college in Chiniot these days. Because most people in the community had a unique identity in doing business in remote areas outside Chiniot. So when I was 16 years old, I had to leave Chiniot and go to Calcutta on the encouragement of a distant relative.

Since I had no acquaintance there, I started practicing life with no support and initially sold cider on the sidewalk. Which would barely earn a hundred rupees monthly as the leather market was closed after ‘Asr. So to spend the rest of my time in the business, I kindly started “Golden Leather” “Golden Leather” women’s sandals.

First receive orders from factories and factories and then deliver them. In one room there were three to four people living in one of them, including one. Since the shop was four miles away from the hostel, I had to go there on the tram in the morning. Occasionally, this trip would go on foot to save money. In those days, the use of coconut wine and paneer was common practice.

But this mother’s admonition and training kept her safe from evil in the land. ”No doubt, avoiding evil is the reason for human dignity. God also likes those who avoid evil. ” Adhering to mother’s exhortations, I struggled with life’s struggles and struggled to get ahead. When the business atmosphere in Calcutta did not feel very profitable, I decided to go to Agra. At that moment, most of the money stuck in the loan could not be repaid.

It was only a year and a half long here that the acquisition reached its peak. Then, when Pakistan, under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, emerged on the world map as an independent and sovereign country, the leaders of the Chiniot community in Agra decided to fly to Bombay by saying goodbye to India. did it.
And for this purpose a refugee camp was established in Bombay.

Where I stayed for two days with my mother and sisters. Since all the money was trapped in the business and there was no immediate hope for a refund. So leaving Bombay from Karachi via Karachi, my pocket was empty. Demonstrating wisdom, I bought a Life Boy soap for Rs 150 while traveling from Bombay, which arrived in Karachi and sold for Rs 500. These Rs 500 were my valuable asset at the time.

After spending a few days in Karachi with a dear man, he took up residence in a hotel room with a daily rent of Rs. Mother and sisters sent back to Chiniot. In Karachi, a number of people from other countries called for textile. He would take the clothes from them and supply them to the shops. The profits from it kept accumulating, and then came the time when I set up a room in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to start a hardware business there.

Those days, a strange thing happened that had far-reaching effects in my life. A Hindu Tirtha Ram was suffering from severe problems. His family lived on the upper floor of a grand building c

He also owned a large luggage shop. Realizing the fragility of the situation, he did not descend below the Hindu upper floor. He told me with a hint that he needed coal for cooking.

I felt sorry for him. I arranged for coal and delivered it. He was very happy with my service. He also entrusted me with the responsibility of delivering all the shop’s goods to Amritsar, India, at a reasonable commission and went to India with his family safely. At that moment when Tirtha Ram was not there. Many acquaintances have encouraged me to consume this stuff.

Because these were the days when Muslims who migrated from India and Hindus who emigrated from Pakistan believed in saving their lives. The evacuated houses and belongings were either occupied by the locals or handed over to the emigrants. It was very easy for me to grab this stuff and I was tight-lipped these days.

But the conscience did not allow us to do so because our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) also took on the responsibility of repatriating the unbelievers in the most dangerous of circumstances. I booked a few days later for Amritsar to pack all the goods I had left in Wakan. It was not yet able to cross the freight line that the border was closed. I then shipped the goods back to Bombay via Amritsar.

To which Tirtha Ram promised me a reasonable amount as commission. The Almighty rewarded me with such a belief that the manager of Agra’s Naval Show Company suddenly met me who had come to Karachi to sell his goods. In the days when the leather business was done in Agra, I owe a great deal to the firm that could not be found at the time of migration, so when I received the money, I became a thousand.

It was then that my faith became even stronger that the betrayer remained unlucky and vulnerable. While the halal earner is successful and successful.

I started to see my business shine in the Office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With that, we started extracting an economic journal “Pakistan Market”. I was made a sub editor of this magazine. Founder of the Hardware Association ‘while holding the position of general secretary five times.

Since I was interested in studying as a child, I was not only the editor of a school-based magazine, but I also had the responsibility of writing articles as well as writing articles. The reason was that I was much happier writing than others. Along with other Islamic books, Maulana Maududi’s book, Tafseem-ul-Quran, is well-organized to satisfy tastes.

This book has revolutionized my mind and heart. I have forever repented of the decline in measurements and the use of fake marks and false statements. He did not pay zakat before, he started giving. Banks stopped taking loans on interest, so Allah blessed them with tremendous blessings. Published by Lahore Magazine “Impressions” Mawlawi Abdul-ul-Haq’s Magazine, National Language “was often studied by me.

Rajendra Singh Bedi, Krishna Chandra and Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi’s articles were very interesting to me. While Saadat Hassan Minto and Rape Chaghatai’s writings I disliked because they had the element of indecency and resilience. At the time of school, I was passionate about listening to Atta Shah Bukhari’s speech. The speeches would begin after Isha and continued all night till the Fajr prayer. His speech would have been so charming and so powerful that no one would have got up from the ceremony at noon.

There is no human being in the world who is full of troubles and thoughts and thoughts, nor is any soul pure of sorrow but seldom will one look like this. One who is rich in gratitude and who does not feel sad, it is the effect of the mother’s prayers that this wealthy servant was enriched with indescribable blessings.

Since human life revolves around a great relationship like a mother and the proximity a child receives from a mother is not in the same relationship.

This is why the words and training of the mother covers the whole life. I remember sleeping in the early days of childhood when I used to come home from school on a very late afternoon. Because of this cheapness, many times in childhood, prayers and fajr prayers are avoided. Of course, Mom loved me very much, but she didn’t think that I would be comfortable on the couch and would have time for prayer.

So to relieve drowsiness, mother often used splashes of water on my face while I was asleep. From time to time, this process of motherhood seemed unpleasant to me. Rarely have I prayed a prayer or lost my etiquette. What is remarkable is that the habit of tajjid has become so strong that even if one is neglected due to sleeping late at night, he awakens me with great affection.

At the moment, I feel as if someone is listening to a lullaby or having a love song, which is why I don’t feel comfortable leaving the bed at that moment. There were some exciting moments in my life when it came to character-building, purity, and purity. But thanks to Mother’s prayers and her excellent training, she was protected from such secrets throughout her life.

They also had to stay longer because in Japan, ‘I was a stranger and could not understand the native language. So to translate, I hired a Japanese student from the university as a secretary. She was with me from morning till evening.

Nature had given her charm and beauty so many times that she sought to attract me. When she failed her lustful desires, despite the frantic efforts, she called me unconscious. Although I always treated her with disrespect, but on a Friday, she felt that she would be able to persuade me.

At the same time, Maulana Mukayat Ahmed (who was the head of the Tablighi party in East Pakistan) got a call saying that I should pray with him on Friday so I got rid of this beautiful and attractive Japanese secretary’s sexual clutches. Thanked God for millions. The Lord of the Worlds always protected Mother’s prayers from sin, including alcohol and gambling for a lifetime.

Anyway, as my foray into the hardware business continued to grow, I decided to move out of Karachi to expand to other cities. For this purpose, I made a detailed visit to almost all the major cities of Pakistan and set up my own shops there and set up employees. Although the business was running successfully in Karachi, the nature of the visit to Lahore was one of the reasons for coming here was good weather and pleasant environment while the other reason was to be close to Chiniot. Started the hardware business On the other hand, the education of the sisters as well as the duties of their marriages performed well. Mom was keenly aware that business needed my personal attention, so Mom kept me away from household responsibilities.

When my business conditions were not good. Mother expressed her desire for Hajj. Although financially I was not able to, but could not resist the wishes of the mother and closed the business and went on a pilgrimage with her mother.

Let me say here that every child born in Chiniot is a born trader. Many young engineers from Chiniot, a doctor, became charter accountants, but after only a few years of employment, they had to return to business.

Perhaps the power has made business sense in the blood of each child of Chiniot. I say to the claim that even today, only about 15% of the currency of the entire country receives exports from the exports, the people of Chiniot provide for their efforts, which is not less than a motive.

The sons include Ikram Elahi, Anjum Naeem, Farrukh Nadeem. After completing his education, Ikram Elahi has taken over business in Lahore, Anjum Naeem Karachi and Farrukh Nadeem in Rawalpindi. He is making millions of rupees monthly from his hard work and hard work. Now, by the grace of God, children are playing in my sons’ house. And I’m the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Still, Mom misses her very much. Her admonitions and loving words are always kind.
One of the childhood events I still remember when my grandfather was seriously ill, but semi-unconscious, while talking in that state, he said that I saw the Almighty Allah in a very large garden. Given the wealth. In real life, Nana’s prayer came true by letter.

Those were the hardest days of my life. When the physicians revealed that the return wall between my esophagus and stomach was broken. Prostrate rash feeds the gastrointestinal tract Separate gastrointestinal tract In view of my internal condition, doctors forbade prostration. I did not prostrate for a year, following the advice of doctors, and then the thought arose in my heart that if death comes in the form of prostration, what can be better then that, in response to the advice of doctors, during prayer? God prostrated before the elders.

It has been ten years since this incident, and removed from my heart the fear that prostration may be separated from the gastrointestinal tract. Not only do I live by God’s grace but I bow down to the Lord more than five times a day. This habit of prayer and goodness I inherited from my parents, on which I still praise Allaah and will continue to last till the last breath of life, if God wills.

Here I can tell you that when I step on the stairs to the main gate of the Hijaz hospital, the hospital is waiting for the patients. Older men, poor women, and sick children who come to the treatment, surrounded me with a great deal of love, and make many prayers whose faces see the satisfaction and happiness that make me forget my sorrow.

At this moment, I thank God very much for giving me the support of friends who have given me success in building this hospital and providing more facilities at this time. And peace of mind also comes. And I heal the poor and the sick without praying.

Once in a while I came to the hospital to deposit some money and delayed my arrival After that prayer, the office in the hospital closed after the West. So I had to return home that way. As my car approached my house some distance away, two robbers hiding in the darkness suddenly appeared in front of my car. As soon as the vehicle stopped, the robbers tried to reach the door with open door, and incidentally, both the doors were locked.

Due to which they could not open. After the failure, they fired glasses and fired at me. The glass of the car was crushed and stuck to my foot. At that moment, death was only a few moments away. The robbers also fired a few more fire at me, but I was surprised when the steel plate between the robbers and myself was interrupted. Which prevented the bullets from reaching me.

The moment when I could not win the fight with the bandits or run away and save my life. The prayers of these poor and helpless people became a wall in the ambitions of the robbers.

Almighty God has given me this blessing as a special prayer. In fact, while serving a miserable humanity, I find it very comforting that many people consider frequent Hajj and Umrah to be a great blessing to themselves.

This is true, but from my point of view, if this money was spent on a poor and deserving sick person, then on the Day of Judgment, this process would be more popular. Many children grow old at the doorstep of their parents because of poverty. How rewarding is it if such a girl’s hand is placed on the head? Allah Almighty can forgive his rights.

My life took another crotch to the humanitarian service I dared and started building a house and a mosque on the land I bought in Gulberg. Then the dispensary started here. The Almighty continued to generate resources and with the help of generous donors, the dispensary went to Hijaz Hospital.

I want children who are not able to go to school due to lack of resources to become educated citizens of the country. And those who are waiting for death in their own home due to the absence of treatment facilities due to poverty, have the privileged access to therapeutic facilities.
But now I’m out of this world.

I wish those people who have been blessed by Allah Almighty should open their mouths for the financial patronage of the poor and they should help Hijaz Hospital for Hijaz Hospital patients.
Indeed, we are to Allah and to Him we will be returned.

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