Century Deal will fail

The Deal of the Century, which is the founder of the United States and Israel, has previously described the facts about the deal in the service of readers. How the United States and Israel are together with some Arab states in the region to deal with Palestine. After the establishment of ISIS and the United States to bury its claws in the countries of West Asia, the new route is now being called the Century Deal.

Discussion on the deal has been echoing for the past year and a half, and soon the deal will be announced in the Bahraini capital Manama in the last week of June, and all Muslim and Arab countries will be asked to sign it.

This is not unusual when we say that the Century Deal will fail, but on the other hand, the fact is that the Deal of the Century faces resistance.

This resistance is Palestinian resistance, so it would not be strange to say that the reality of the century is not the Deal, but the resistance of the Palestinians, who have become the wall of leadership in front of the world’s super powers. The continued return of Palestinians and the march remain an important milestone to thwart this deal. Because the United States, under this deal, wants Palestinians’ right to repatriate, and Palestinians forced out of Palestine to return to their occupied territories should not be demanded.

On the other hand, there is an echo of Palestinians’ repatriation all over the world, and this is causing concern for the United States and its devil pilgrims.

When it comes to Palestinian political parties and factions, everyone is on the same page. The Palestinian Authority, which has differences with Palestinian resistance movements, but the Palestinian Authority and the PLO have also taken a clear stand on the issue of the Century Deal, saying that the United States rejects the Deal of the Century, and that the United States rejects Palestine. Honor and shame cannot buy a nation for money.

The people of Palestine have been in the cause for seventeen years just because Palestine is free and Arab Palestinians living here can return to their homeland and homes.

Similarly, the Jordanian government in the Palestinian neighborhood rejected the US formula. According to reports, there are a few other countries in the list that have announced the nullification of the Century Deal, among those countries that have rejected the Century Deal.

There are, however, a few Arab states in which Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and others are in full support of the Century deal.

Now, US officials have also begun to acknowledge the failure of the century deal, which is the equivalent of America’s biggest defeat. Donald Trump himself, the dumbest president of the United States, has said in his statement that the US Minister of State is skeptical about the success of the Century Deal, and he thinks the Century deal will be a failure.

A report published in the American Journal of Washington Post states that the success of the Century Deal has been further compounded by the appearance of audio recordings between US Secretary of State Pompeo and Israeli officials at a high-level meeting. ۔ The audio has been heard saying that US officials are telling Israeli officials that the plan, the Century Deal, is unacceptable and that its implementation will be impossible and that it will be severely rejected.

Similarly, the former chief of the American CIA has said in his view that this deal is not viable because if two things are good then nine things are bad, so any such formula will succeed. Can’t be The Washington Post reports that audio recording of conversations between top-level diplomats and officials at the same meeting has surfaced that after US officials succeeded in Netanyahu’s strategy and the general election. Failure to form a government is also deeply disturbed and disappointing and has been expressed in the same meeting with officials of the Zionist fake state.

To summarize, Pakistan, Qatar and Jordan, along with Iran, are the countries that have rejected the so-called American Formula Century Deal for Western Asia because of the Palestinian trade deal. While many of the princes of the Arab world have dreams of becoming kings in the future, and many people have been granted US guarantees of power and kingship for fifty-five years, the project also includes bloodshed on the rights of Palestinian oppressed peoples. Has been killed and a horrific conspiracy of history has been created that has resulted in the finalization of the Zionist state by replacing the original state of Palestine and replacing it.

On the issue of the Deal of the Century, the Palestinian people and the political factions, including the political factions, are united in a united voice that rejects this deal, and the voice of the Palestinian people is making it clear that the Deal of the Century is now There is failure to acknowledge the US officials who have made the deal themselves. The requirement is that those countries and rulers of the Muslim world engaged in the American Cassidy should not be part and parcel of this treachery with Palestine by taking the nails of consciousness because of course this treachery-centric deal. Has to be rejected and failed.

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