Imran Khan’s Visit to the United States?

According to reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Russia at the invitation of Russian President Putin in September. In contrast, as far as information about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the United States is concerned, according to US President Trump has invited him to visit the United States. More than that, the fact that the United States is badly trapped in Afghanistan at the moment, and now the Americans have come to the conclusion that without Pakistan’s help, they cannot honor their trapped lives in this region, Afghanistan.

Americans also realize that Pakistan has two major options other than the United States, namely Russia and China, so the pressure of US pressure has largely gone out for Pakistan.

Thirdly, the Americans are fully aware of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s temperament and his ambitions, so President Trump will think ten times before saying any “light thing” or otherwise is too harsh. And the opposite can be expected.

Because now there is no Prime Minister like Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan who has to spend four minutes to understand Trump and then he has to resort to “on things”.

Those Pakistan entities who have to brief Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the situation before the United States should also keep in mind that the US has reached an extreme point in the Middle East. Iran is threatening Iran and making the Arabs useless. On the other hand, it has made full arrangement for its territorial supremacy before Israel’s international supremacy.

And at this time all Western countries, including the United States and Israel, are well aware that if the United States and NATO are to jointly assist Israel with Israel’s territorial supremacy, many Arab states and oil reserves will be consumed. If it does, then Pakistan will face the most reaction from the Muslim world.

The United States and Israel are well aware that attempts to declare the occupied Jerusalem an Israeli capital and to do any harm to the Aqsa Mosque and to construct the Zionist Temple Suleimani can create a volcano in the Arab world.

It can be inferred that just a few days ago, the American Jewish Ambassador to Israel David Freud inaugurated another new tunnel beneath the mosque, aimed at exploring the foundations of the Temple Sulaimani Masjid Aqsa. It is not difficult to infer that the United States itself has been equally involved in the Israeli fraudulent measures. It should also be noted that the United States will launch a major attack on NATO and Israel in the Middle East when the Arab people. Protesting against the apathy of their rulers and trying to overthrow their own governments. In the name of “peace in the region”, the United States and its international Zionist Diwali allies will assemble Israel to consolidate the Middle East states and their oil and gas reserves.

Russia and China will have no one except four to declare action at the UN Security Council condemning the US and Israeli measures, but before that, the United States bureaucracy will be rounded out. On the contrary, the League of Nations was bored or bobbished as soon as the Balfour Clarification was announced by the establishment of Israel from New York in 1917.

With all this background and background in mind, Prime Minister Imran Khan should make the trip to the United States, and the US is fully aware that the completion of the initial phase of Pak-China economic transit, Pakistan’s own Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Russia for the first time in history, as well as military equipment dealings, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s expected visit to Russia, Afghanistan in September. And as a result of Operation Zarb-e-Azb inside Pakistan, terrorist issues are being cut and destroyed. Atng be encircling the terrorists Ishii and political issues which have badly confused the pro-India Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and India.

We have already mentioned that the last time the United States launched a series of talks through its ally, Khalilzad, to get more time in this situation, was to come out.

That is why on the one hand, a new series of accusations was initiated along with Afghanistan’s border violations, while on the other hand the Indian government had started violating the Line of Control by showing its glaring face.

The reasons for all these issues appear to be the same as those in the Upper East, but the question arises as to why all this is happening at a time when the Middle East’s volcanic eclipse has exploded and fire from north to south.

Pakistan’s most important role in this war can turn the tide of war in favor of either party. It has also come to media recently that the US has devised plans to re-enter Iraq but Iraq. According to journalist sources, it is also true that some Russian army units and modern war equipment had also entered Syria.

The tactic of the overthrow of the Syrian regime by regional Arab countries opposed to the regime of Assad has failed miserably. Bashar’s anti-Arab governments believed that the Arab Spring government, like Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. The same will happen in Libya, but before the project can be finalized, it is important to see how Russia, other than Iran itself, can be harmed by it and whether Russia is more interested in Syria than its regional interests. In this regard, Arab countries fearing the Iraqi experience seemingly had no choice They should help the Syrian people to overthrow the pro-Iran Bashar government, but apart from Iran, they should have seen how Russia could be involved.

Especially in a situation where Russia’s intervention in the north of Syria, Ukraine and Crimea, has intensified the interests of the US and Israel, and it can be said that this war from the north has now been waged in Syria in the south. The Arabs had only seen it as a growing influence of Iran, but in fact it was a battlefield of great world powers because Israel and the United States wanted to establish an anti-Russian government in the process. Deportation of the port of Tartus in Syria toward the Mediterranean so that after the occupation of Crimea, This is the turning point in the situation that the US and the Israeli ports use in their most ports, and the US and Israel are not ready to give up, and Russia is not in a position to do so.

The United States is doing all of this for a specific purpose because in this regard, former US security charge Brzezinski had pointed out that in the “New American Century,” the United States should have full influence over Central Asia for its global sovereignty. This dominance will not be possible as long as Pakistan exists as a nuclear power and there is the possibility of an Islamist and anti-US government in Afghanistan.

Therefore, Berzinski’s analysis further clarifies the current situation. In Berzinski’s book, “The Grand Chase Board,” all the details of this type of project are also listed. But we have to see that naturally, Central Asia and Afghanistan play. In this situation, Pakistan is becoming a party and in this situation the patriarch wanted a patriotic and corruption-free leadership that could best play the role of Pakistan at this stage. The most important aspect of the whole situation was with Pakistan. China has close economic, public and military relations, and China is currently working on a global deal with Russia, especially the North Tay has emerged as an important collaborator in Africa and the Middle East.
Therefore, in the affairs of Pakistan, Russia is trying to be closer in both indirect and indirect ways and probably in favor of Pakistan.

Between 2000 and 2010, the sphere of economic cooperation between Pakistan and China was much improved. At that time, Chinese companies were working on about 250 projects in Pakistan.

At the end of the visit, $ 35 billion contracts were signed between the two countries in the fields of energy, natural energy reserves, trade, agriculture, food, economic and banking. In addition, the two countries jointly worked on the projects. They had to include the Thar Coal, the repair and expansion of the Karakoram highway, Bahasa Day, Sindak Gold and Copper Plans, and above all, the deepwater port of Gwadar to China.

It should be borne in mind that more than 60% of the world’s oil passes through the Persian Gulf and Gwadar is on the brink of the Persian Gulf. 80% of the oil passing through here is worth US $ 300 million in China. The US knew that after Gwadar’s contract, China could secure its oil and gas supply directly.

Pakistan is the only land route between Gwadar and China where Russell Versailles will transform Pakistan into a global transit route in terms of energy by rail and road.

By 2025, it is estimated that China’s consumption will be doubled. That is why China is most concerned about making its western region more secure for energy conservation.

That same need forced China to adopt a warmer policy rather than a cold in the region. There are two types of benefits to Pakistan from this situation – one that Pakistan will receive $ 60 billion annually as a global energy source. Pakistan’s status as a global energy player will be revealed globally.

In the near future, Pakistan signed an agreement with China to build 34 intermediate-range ballistic missiles, with F-22P frigate combat ships with helicopters. Who are getting ready in Pakistan.

According to the policy adopted by the Grand Chase Board in the name of the Grand Chase Board, it is imperative for the US Zionist sovereignty to keep its hands on “Eurasia” in the context of the geographical strategic policy. Central Asia’s mineral resources were within reach, with full control over the energy and land routes for tunneling Asia’s powers and countries.

Political advisers have been painted in the project of the World Zionist Leaders Group, which included the creation of “controlled governments”. The biggest example of the notorious NROS in Pakistan during the Musharraf era is in the region. Blackwater can be exemplified in this regard by deploying “private forces” to reach the targets. In this regard, the biggest target for US Zionist rulers is China, and Pakistan is a major ally between China and the United States. Pakistan’s status as a global leader is that of Pakistan as an important member of global politics.

This position of Pakistan is even more dangerous to the United States because of China’s proximity to Pakistan and on the other hand to North Africa and the Middle East to Russia and China. The United States and its Zionist crusade to control these conditions. NATO was forced into direct intervention in Syria, like Libya.

Because the United States and Israel are facing Russia in Syria, on the other hand, if the US interferes with Afghanistan or Pakistan via tribal areas through ISIS or the Afghan army, then another in Central Asia after Syria. The new front will open, and after the United States, Israel’s largest strategic ally, India, will be barred from proceeding against Pakistan simply because Russia and China will form a direct party.

In the book “The Grand Chase Board” by Brez Nasci, what is referred to as US supremacy is in fact a cover because books are meant to teach the world, but the global Zionist lead with a gun to America’s shoulder is almost certainly All of this is being done by the Israeli diaspora for global supremacy, in which the United States and its allies will rank second in Europe.

We have previously said that further delays in the Middle East have been implemented only under the Afghan situation, after President Trump moved the US embassy into the occupied Jerusalem and recognized it as the capital of Israel. Nothing can be said about the construction of the dream he has dreamed of succeeding again in the election. But all this is meant to give you the background and foresight that Prime Minister Imran Khan would go to the White House. Deal with the Americans at a glance.

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