Massive arrests are about to begin

PPP chairman Bilawal Zardari and PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz met in the on-going Amravati but were unable to comment on what the outcome of the meeting was. Most surprising of all the scenario Shahbaz Sharif did not appear in this meeting. Bilawal Zardari has said that he will not allow the people’s enemy budget to be approved along with other opposition parties.

Sources say that practically all matters are still being decided by Nawaz Sharif and Zardari, but since Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal are now “out,” they continue to have an excuse to keep their blood “hot”. Are.

If they boycott the meeting in Parliament, the government simply approves the budget, if the members of the government break into the puppet position, thus ending the Imran government due to these house changes. If Imran breaks parliament first, new elections.

Because if more arrests are going to be made during the two weeks, Nawaz, Shahbaz and Maryam are on the same page in this context, so entry into Bilawal Zardari’s age is considered to be merely a political arena, which is why a purposeless meeting. The Shahbaz Sharif did not attend the meeting. The main point is that what is the PML-N strategy? On the other hand, Bilawal Zardari represented the PPP but what would be the PPP’s next strategy.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman had taken a very big responsibility that after Eid-ul-Fitr he would hold a big party protest after saying that he did not say in a press conference that he did not say this at the time. At that time, the leadership of all the major political parties was present. It was an Iftar party in which it was announced that after Eid, a vigorous protest movement would be launched but now it is time for Eid-ul-Fitr. So where did that protest movement go, which Maulana announced? And if he was not capable of conducting the protest movement, It should not have been announced.

This is the reason that all the issues against the opposition government have been settled and only meetings are left. From one place to another, meeting a politician but not knowing what to do next. It seems that a big deadlock has come to the forefront of the objectives of the opposition. In this context, what is the attitude of the people of Pakistan?

There is no doubt that the people of Pakistan are disturbed by the severe inflation, but the reasons are clear to them who is responsible for this, the whole people are aware of the corruption of the previous rulers and the plundering of wealth. Knowing that Imran Khan is not the year he took over the government, but the months that he inherited from the economy and the previous governments were almost ruined. During the last ten years billions of dollars were returned to foreign countries, so Bilawal Maryam met with Pakistan. The yak was a non-relationship meeting for the masses in which the public was not interested but understood the political leadership. The fact that such meetings have become a joke to the public is better than it would have been if there had never been a meeting, as it would have been said in that meeting. There will be protests but this is not new. This call of protest was given several months ago but happened.

The most merciful situation in all of these factions is the senior leadership of the two parties that they stand with their politicians in front of them. They are liked, but what to do is they stand silently in front of laughter because of Bilawal’s case. This is the case with senior leader Aitzaz Ahsan and others. Will

All his life he spent politics in the Muslim League, during which time he held large government positions but today no one knows where he is despite being the chairman of the PML-N.
In Pakistan, the politics of families have fallen into the big political sky. Whether or not anyone has the ability, but because he is the son or daughter of a leader, he is the party leader. In the modern world, it is the eighteenth-century political system that has helped the country. To the brink of destruction.

Unfortunately, the region where we are living is suffering first in this curse. Here, the son or daughter of the party leader can lead the party. If there is any foot, his son will become an ass. If there is a scholar, then his son will be the heir to his intellectual heritage. What kind of system is this? What is the way of living in this world?

One anchor plays a politician and the other has nothing to do with what someone else really is and what he or she has the right to say about. Pakistani politics offers more to Akbar’s view.
One of the leading politicians of the country met with Babar Awan Sahib during that time, he was a part of the former President Zardari’s People’s Party, and the Supreme Court was particularly concerned about Zardari’s cases. If you say, “You see that Bilawal’s style of talking … is not Ms Benazir Shaheed Karing” I had no answer to that except to surprise them.

In view of these facts, think whether these political heritage is capable of solving the problems of Pakistan. They also raised such issues for the country and the nation. At this time, the patriarch was handed over to internal and external security. Are the Pakistani people unaware that the so-called “counter-terrorism” initiative launched by the United States is turning this region around?
The United States is not ready to leave Afghanistan in an attempt to go away. He wants to teach Pakistan a lesson in declaring Pakistan responsible for its defeat. Are.

ISIS is quietly entering Afghanistan to counter the Afghan Taliban so that Afghanistan can present a post-Civil War Afghanistan after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The United States is also aware that it will be brought to Afghanistan. Daesh’s orbit will not only be limited to Afghanistan, but it can also be extended against Chinese and Russian interests in Pakistan and the region.

This is the main purpose of establishing a Hindu extremist government in India where there is an intentional hatred against Muslims.

The matter is not confined to India, but now the facts about Sri Lanka’s present government are beginning to come to the notice that the government and intelligence agencies were involved in the blasts there, so that the Muslims against the Muslims in large A crackdown could begin.

This is a situation in which the United States has begun a new fire in South Asia and South East Asia to stop the growing footsteps of China and Russia, keeping all its anti-American forces here in the Middle East. In this regard, the most important Arab governments have already been in the pockets of the United States and Israel in order to declare Zionist Diwali leadership.

It is not difficult to figure out what kind of patriotic leadership should be in Pakistan in these situations. To counter these coming critical conditions, first it is necessary to extract the money of the country and the nation from the politicians who are outsiders Because of the current economy Pakistan is unable to cope with their situation. Then these countries should be given corrupt politicians and their children in jails and given them punitive according to the law, besides foreign masters. In order to appease, political elements that are blaming against domestic defense agencies should be curbed.

With the arrest of the government elements in Sindh, the possibility of a major change in the provincial parliament has started to appear as the Chief Minister Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has come under the radar of NAB. According to sources, with the capture of political elements, the media will be surrounded by important personalities. All these activities will be done by state institutions without jeopardizing any political affiliation.