Is the system taking a last breath in Pakistan?

The first of the three revolutions born of European fog is the “Revolution UK”, which is said to have swept it without dropping a drop of blood, but Catholic historians do not believe it. The revolution was overthrown in 1688, followed by the bloody “Revolution France” which was brought in 1789 and finally the “Revolution of Russia” which was carried out in 1917 at the stage of completion.

Interestingly, the Zionist bankers played a significant role in the backdrop of these three revolutions. These Zionist bankers used to enslave the nations by lending, and continue to this day in the form of the IMF and the World Bank.

For the British Revolution, Jewish bankers from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) used a military equipment supplier in the UK called Oliver Cromwell, who later became involved in British politics and was called Lord of the British Commonwealth.

After the victory of the Revolution, King James’ neck was blown and his Protestant daughter Marie and the Damascus were achieved by the European Jews a year later when a meeting of the British Parliament was held in January 1689 and the Bill of Rights in the British Parliament. “The Bill of Rights was approved for the purpose of which this British Revolution was promulgated.

According to this “Bill of Rights”, William of Najj and King James and daughter of King James will be joint rulers as my queen. Both rulers will receive far less authority from the British than the former British kings. Examples can be set to do so in the rest of the world.

The Bill of Rights, signed by the King and Queen, contained in the constitution a set of constitutional principles, including the establishment of a regular parliament, free elections, freedom of expression in parliament, and the conversion of a Christian Christian to a British ruler. And most importantly the Bank of England’s permission to stay.

This was the basis of the “New World Order” in the coming period. In his book Pawns in the Game, by the Canadian Canadian Admiral William Waggeyer revealed that in 1933 a committee was formed in Europe which was owned by the original owners of Bank of England. But this committee too later failed in its mission. Religion and racism were harnessed in all three of Europe’s revolutions.

The root cause of this bloody revolution was the refusal of the French royal family to become puppets at the hands of the Zionist bankers. In the wars between Britain and France, these Zionist bankers had made their credit by lending to both countries. The Napoleon and British wars were used to seize control.

Zionist Bancroft Sheffield knew that Napoleon was defeated in the Water Loki war, but his agents deliberately rumored in the UK that Napoleon was becoming increasingly successful because of the news that Britain’s stock mate was Ruth Sheffield’s frontman. Shares of the British stock market raised very low prices, but when the real news arrived in the UK, by then all the markets had come into the hands of Zionist bankers. Now the shares had to go up. That day is the day and today the Crown Britain is still indebted to Bank of England The Bank of England has an economic zone in London, where international gold rates are issued daily. It is under this bank that the UK’s School of Economics is introduced where modern lending methods are introduced.

The purpose of putting all this historical information in mind is that we can know what the goals are behind the IMF in the country today when it is budgeting.

It is no exaggeration that the Zardari and Sharif family are the charisms of this country. The United States was trapped in Afghanistan. Pakistani institutions were aware that Pakistani institutions were not providing what they should provide in Afghanistan. The second phase of the movement was linked to the rehabilitation movement that forced Musharraf to sit down with Benazir, thus sparking secret negotiations in Dubai, out of which the appearance of “codified democracy” was scripted in London and Washington. It is prepared under which the first PPP was to come to power, followed by the N-League Rey was in the meantime and the two parties also had to cooperate with each other. When Zardari was made president, his responsibilities included keeping relations with Kabul in response to which he would withdraw the Jolot in the country. Nawaz Sharif’s assignment was not to assume the same responsibility.

If this situation is taken in a larger context, then it is not only limited to Pakistan but its scope is covered by all the Middle East and South Africa as well. I have topple his economy.

In its latest issue of US Journal of Foreign Policy, Egypt has given a clear signal that in the future, Egypt is fast approaching economic catastrophe. Egypt, which is one of the most important countries in the Middle East, was founded by the first Muslim Brotherhood. To give a silent message to the kings in all the Arab countries, especially oil producing countries, if

If they take any action against the United States and Israel in the region, then the political flood of the Muslim Brotherhood can be excused from their governments.

The message was stirred in the Gulf States and all those governments stood on the back of the Egyptian military dictatorship against the Egyptian democratic government, so that dictatorship was established through a military revolution. To deal with the situation beyond its borders, all matters were dealt with according to Israel.

Now that Egypt is in full swing of internal turmoil, the economy is in severe shock as inflation is skyrocketing.

All of this has been done so that there is no hindrance to Israel’s political, military and economic leadership. Considering this situation, the rest of the Gulf states are conscious. Saudi Arabia has become so engrossed in Yemen’s Houthi conflict that even now, it must look like it has to get rid of it.

A German intelligence report has been published in the German newspaper, which has made a horrible revelation that the Saudi army is not capable of controlling the Houthi issue. Since it is a costly business, Saudi Arabia’s economy will be shocked. The United States had already begun to buy US weapons in the Arab governments by selling the Iranian problem and taking advantage of this situation, selling billions of dollars of weapons, thus consolidating the governments of these Gulf states.

A similar situation was tried to create in Pakistan. We have already said that as the United States leaves Afghanistan, the United States and India want to firmly hold the feet of the pro-government if the Afghan Taliban is unprepared for the US and its Zionists. Pakistan could have suffered a lot of hostility if it were not against the Djali allies. But after the coming of the current PTI government, the economy has definitely improved in the country. Those who looted badly on one side and corrupt the people in the institutions on the other.

The same corruption money was used in the Musharraf removal movement and now this program is once again used in the name of the independence of the judiciary in its anti-corruption campaign and government elimination campaign to launch big “daydreaming” in this regard. They are ready but this time they do not see the bulls ascending. In this regard, the lawyers community is divided. Striking lawyers say that everyone should be held accountable. In the constitution, it should work. Should.
Opposition, on the other hand, is part of the Passion Rescue campaign, but how and why? There is dilemma in this regard and one is looking for another.

While the fact is that the embarrassing aspect of this shame has come out that this system has been badly exposed to the Pakistani nation and is passing in its grave with each passing time. Democracy is a Zionist example of which we The above revolutions have taken the form of Britain.

In the UK, there is the capital, and the House of Lords also appoints the same Prime Minister, who approves London’s “economic” zone, giving the rest of the show and the media sustenance – as far as advocacy against the government is concerned. The Shahdas balloon will soon get out of the air as the opposition now had the same platform, but this does not seem to be the case here.

Now, there is no alternative but to take drastic measures to bring back the lost wealth in the country, without the sword of ruthless accountability, the wounds of this country and nation have not been prevented; the nation has tasted this useless parliamentary system where On the basis of wealth, thieves gather for further plunder of national wealth. The sooner this system of corruption is wrapped up, the better it will be in favor of the country and the nation.

Because the wars are about to take a back seat in the days to come, the third world war has begun after the drama of the Nine-Eleven. And there is a period of Hindutvaism, not suddenly, but under great planning. The time is now very low …