Proximity to Bahrain and Israel! What will be the future?

After a conference and workshop titled Century Deal in the Bahraini capital of Manama last month, the question is being raised intensely in the Muslim world, especially in Palestine, in the Arab world, especially in Palestine. How will the growing Arab rulers’ ties with Israel sit? The Arab world politics are raising questions about the backdrop and objectives of these relations, and are in serious jeopardy.

The US neither Israel nor any of the Western countries or European countries held a conference organized by the US and Israel to control the West Asian countries and especially the Palestinian deal. In fact, the conference was held in the Arab world in a state that has no formal affiliation with Israel, but on the one hand, under Palestine, The deal was tried to settle in Bahrain, as well as Bahrain and similar and smaller Arab Gulf states. The usurper Zionists invalid state was one of the most important objectives to bring about Israel.

Nevertheless, both the Manama Conference and the Century Deal offered in it failed miserably because many Arab countries in West Asia refused to attend and rejected it, but with Israeli Bahrain. Increasing relations not only cause concern for the states of West Asia, but millions of Muslims living in the Muslim world are also concerned about such issues.

Even before the start of the Manama Conference across Palestine, protests against US-led plans, including the fake state of Bahrain and the Zionists, were underway, though protests intensified when Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Khalid bin Hamad bin Isa Al The Caliph made very surprising statements about the promotion of friendly relations with Israel.

He was talking to Israeli TV channel No. 10. He said: “We believe that Israel will remain and we want to build better relations with it. We want reconciliation with Israel. ”The Bahraini Foreign Minister replied that an Arab ruler’s interview with an Israeli TV channel was not unusual, saying:“ This must have been a long time ago.

Talks with those who disagree with themselves are always a source of tension. ”Khalid bin Hamad bin Isa’s interview with Al-Khalifa came under intense reaction, and Palestinian foreign ministers and the Israeli Foreign Minister Relations with Israel and statements in support of Israel termed the Palestinian move as synonymous with daggers in the back of Palestinians and the entire Muslim Ummah.

The Palestinian Islamic Movement, Hamas, described the Bahraini Foreign Minister as having a vehement intention against the Palestinian cause and emphasized that Hamas, through its power and strong intention, would thwart any plot against Palestine.

Let us try to find the goals and objectives behind the growing ties and proximity of Bahrain and Israel.
For a long time the Zionists’ slander and fake state of Israel have raised the slogan of normalization with the Arab world, and Israeli delegations have been coming to different countries of the Arab world in the same accusation. Delegates from Arab Gulf countries have also been visiting Israel, the fake state of the occupied Zionists in Palestine and Qibla.

In the last few months, the Zionist visit to Muscat, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to the fake state of Israel, and a detailed visit to the UAE by the female minister of the Zionist state, and then the Israeli Olympian team to the national ground on Israeli tune in the UAE ground with a warm welcome in Dubai. There are intriguing events to be played and then a recent conference against Palestine in Bahrain which was intended to deal with Palestine, all of which are indications that the Arab Gulf rulers have gradually become the rulers of the Zionists. Have accepted friendship.

Iran’s enmity is more visible in the pursuit of the apparent motives of friendship with Israel, while backward motives, say the political world and international relations, say that the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain. I think the rulers of these Arab worlds, together with the United States and Israel, feel that their kingship will last forever and they will be kept away from the slogans of democracy.

As presented in the Century Deal presented at the Manama Conference, the United States has offered Arab kings to guarantee the kings of the Gulf countries agreed on the Palestinian deal for the next 50 years.

When looking closely at the views presented by political and international relations observers, there is no confusion and there is a backdrop to the relations between Bahrain and Israel. The two things mentioned above seem to be enmity with Iran, which is known to the Arab Gulf countries all over the world, and the other important thing is to keep the throne and kingdoms of Arab rulers, or to say, personal interests.

To sum up, the Arab Gulf world is relying on defeated players like the United States and Israel to avoid the biggest deception of a century-old deal, because the United States has failed on every front in the world.

The US economy itself is sinking rapidly. On the other hand, Israel, which had dreamed of the Greater Israel, today has been hearing from the Palestinians all over the world, centuries of being looted.
After all, how can the rulers of the Arab world be able to ensure their survival by resorting to such defeated seals? It should have been that the Arab world, instead of resorting to the United States and Israel, should do something in the name of unity and solidarity.

If the Conference and Century Deal in Bahrain were about the unity of the Muslim Ummah, then of course this deal and agreement would be called the greatest deal of the century and the greatest fact of the century, but it is to be said with regret. The Arab Gulf, trapped in American and Zionist tricks, takes pride in writing the world’s greatest deception of the century.

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