Please Persuade Afghan Taliban will mediate in Kashmir !!

Prime Minister Imran Khan was warmly received by the US President Trump when he arrived at the White House. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he had come to the United States with a message of prosperity and peace. The President also clarified the vision of “New Pakistan”. President Trump was told that he was looking forward to the meeting and that there would be further improvement between the two countries.

President Trump’s statement can be seen that the United States has a measure of Pakistani importance in the region, especially in the case of Afghanistan, the role of Pakistan cannot be ignored.

Countries have their own interests because Pakistan is facing economic problems along with the security of the region, so it is not difficult to estimate Pakistan’s priorities.

On the other hand, the United States is facing problems in Afghanistan, seemingly wanting to withdraw its troops in a peaceful manner, without the help of Pakistan in the eyes of the US, this problem cannot be easily solved. Currently, Pakistan is looking at Afghanistan in the context of the affairs of Afghanistan. The groundwork that may have been worked out in this regard will be pre-determined, because during these one-hour meetings, matters are not settled. Most of the issues are settled long before the visit, after which such important trips are announced.

The agenda of the meeting was determined to include defense cooperation, co-operation in joint action against bilateral trade terrorism. In addition, the information received included congratulating the US President for the ceasefire. The role of Pakistan in this regard is desirable.

As far as the demand for the release of Shakeel Afridi is concerned, it is being said that Pakistan may demand the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, the daughter of the nation.

Nevertheless, in the context of these big meetings, we should also see that on the one hand there are issues in Afghanistan, US forces in Saudi have receded, and the United States in the Middle East is seemingly facing a major conflict because of Iran tensions. In what context is the US administration watching Pakistan during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the United States?

According to unofficial Arab journalistic sources, a silent agreement has been reached between Britain, Germany and the Netherlands to control every route along the Pacific, the United States is threatening Iran in every case, and the Gulf of Oman.

In this regard, Syria is re-expanding its military presence in Iraq after Syria. Why and why is this all being done? Pakistan and its Gwadar port, located just opposite the Gulf of Oman, are indifferent to these conditions. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the purpose of all “peace talks” with the Afghan Taliban in the United States is to form a government here under US interests, including a limited US military presence, but in this regard the Afghan Taliban Gulbuddin Wisdom says that a US soldier cannot stay on Afghan soil in that position. PRO organization is supporting the Afghan Taliban’s opposition stance.

The US wants Pakistan to use its influence on the Afghan Taliban in this regard and convince them that the Afghan Taliban should agree with the US proposal for the sake of the region’s peace. Because Afghans are Taliban or any party can express their opinion but will not be able to force Afghan Taliban to take control of it.

Therefore, in the coming time for Pakistan, on one hand there are American aspirations regarding the Afghan problem and on the other hand the major parties in the Afghan problem are the Afghan Taliban.
In the near future, if the United States were not too stubborn in its enforcement of its interests, then these issues might have been resolved long ago. Americans are well aware that Pakistan and its people were most affected by the war in Afghanistan. Therefore, Pakistan also wishes that as soon as possible for peace in Afghanistan, any progress would be made so that Pakistan itself could overcome the negative effects of these conditions.

In view of this situation in Pakistan, the Americans have also been under increasing pressure in the past that in the US context, the solution of the Afghan problem will also benefit Pakistan and create a law and order situation here.

The Americans believed that behind this green light of peace in the region, Pakistan was pushing the Afghan Taliban to withdraw from its strict terms and negotiate with the United States to find a solution.
It was the Americans’ view, but Pakistan’s position, on the contrary, was not that they could force the Afghan Taliban to do so. Instead, they tried their best to bring the Afghan Taliban and the Americans to the negotiating table each time. It is convinced that Afghan Taliban would not accept them, so they would leak the news themselves.

During his meeting with Imran Khan at the White House, President Trump also offered mediation to the US to resolve the Kashmir issue. He also said that Pakistan would save millions of lives in Afghanistan. The payoff of these tactics is a clear indication that on the one hand, the United States wants to have a “some loosely two” policy with Pakistan regarding Kashmir.

If the issue becomes a mediator between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, on the other hand Pakistan should play a bridge between the US and the Afghan Taliban.

As we said earlier, the relations between the countries are in the interest of their own interests, as is the case with the United States. The United States is in agreement with the current situation in the Middle East, except for a couple of Arab governments. Iran has been subjected to fears that its people could overthrow Iran. On the other hand, Iran’s air has been raised, in which we have already said that Iranian intervention in Iraq, Syria and Aman should be avoided by the US, Europe. And there are many aspects of the way Israel has quietly “tolerated” it.

The United States and Israel managed to convince Arab rulers that if Iran can intervene through its proxy in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, then no Arab country is out of its reach. When the founders were attacked by Saudi Arabia through their local allies and after a long period of control over Yemen’s rebellion, it was revealed to the world and to the Arab rulers themselves that it was controlling the Arab Allied Houthi Organization. How could Pasquotan defend itself? These were the conditions when an Islamic military alliance was granted in Saudi Arabia. His head was handed over to former Army Chief of Pakistan General Raheel Sharif, but in the present situation, Arab rulers were again convinced that the protection of the sanctuary would be more important than the Muslim countries involved in the Muslim-military alliance, not the Arab rulers. Fighting enemies.

On the other hand, the C-Pack plan between Pakistan and China is not as important to the US economically as it is concerned that China has made its way to Gwadar on the opposite side of the Gulf of Oman. And beyond that the ocean is a narrow strip of shore, where over seventy percent of the world’s oil passes through the rest of the world.

The plan launched a series of abductions on oil vessels to relieve tensions, convincing the world that the world’s oil supply could not be secured without gaining control of this strategic naval strip.

Thus, the United States, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands have plans to build their permanent claws here. All these conspiracies have been created with tensions with Iran … so as to keep the region away from the influence of China and Russia.

In the backdrop of all these situations, the Americans want their troops withdrawn from Afghanistan, but some military bases remain under their control so that tomorrow, when the Middle East is engulfed by a major war, they will send Pakistan, China and Russia to that side. Over the counter.

But that dream will not be fulfilled as long as the Afghan Taliban stand up to their demands, so President Trump’s assertion that Pakistan can save a million lives in Afghanistan in the future means that Pakistan can save the Afghan Taliban. That is, Pakistan’s efforts to convince the Afghan Taliban not to create trouble for the United States and its Zionist allies who remain here after the US withdrawal in Afghanistan.

In return, US President Trump has offered to play a mediating role between Pakistan and India in Kashmir. We must understand that this will be a very expensive deal as the US can mediate in Kashmir. We guess from his history, he would just leave Pakistan and work in Afghanistan to find a place for himself and Israel in the big game in the Middle East.

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