Inflation responsible for non-employment N-League or People’s Party?

The hardships of the common poor are constantly increasing with each passing day, and a staggering inflation is destroying their life expectancy, and every month there is a mini-budget and the prices of all common consumables. The claims of the leadership of the PTI before coming to power are the cause of public mistrust as they have shown the nation a lot of green gardens, which decided to try them for positive change. What is different is that the opposition does not recognize their mandate.

Murad Saeed’s address will “bring back $ 200 billion,” as well as measures contrary to Assad Omar’s speeches. There are dozens of speeches on which people are worried about taking a full utterances and the unprecedented rise in inflation. But the rulers are not tired of calling the opposition a thief in the media only day and night, rather than stating their work.

The rulers only say that the people responsible for all this are the people of the last N-League, who left the treasury vacant in May 2018 and left the country in debt. China has given $ 3 billion, the UAE has given $ 3 billion and Qatar has given $ 4 billion and the public is unable to understand where such a lousy amount of money has gone. When asked by the rulers about this amount, the answer is answered by the PML-N and the PPP country. Dumbfounded, but they do not say where these dollars in the current government went? In May 2018, the dollar is Rs 98 while now 157-162 rupees.

Gold was currently at Rs 56900 while now Rs 80500, petrol Rs 87.70 and now Rs 114 a liter, sugar 55-60 and now 74 rupees per kg of coking oil, and now Rs 187 a liter, while domestic gas cylinder was at Rs 1352 and now 1400 similar gas ‘electricity’. The prices of everyday commodities including NGs have increased by at least half a 200%, and all this inflation should not be questioned by the ruling party, as their only answer is that all this is due to the PML-N and the PPP.

Mashahullah PTI government is about to complete a year and you still try to wreak havoc on the previous government. Majority of people now ask that Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to the dollar. Do we have this right? Are you able to call the ruler a thief and start panicking? You had to commit suicide instead of borrowing from the IMF.

Whose tax have you given a tax amnesty scheme to clean up? There have been 10 serious train accidents since this government came in. But instead of taking moral action like resigning Sheikh Rasheed, the Minister of Railways seeks to redeem it as a human error. There has also been a collision with the Akbar Express freight car in Sadiqabad, which has killed dozens of innocent civilians, as well as the question of Murad Saeed’s efforts to return $ 200 billion hidden overseas, but the public knows the language. There is no dissatisfaction and it is the statement of every leader of the ruling party that everything is done by the previous rulers but the people should not panic.

The right to panic in this inflationary storm is not being given and only time is spent on verbal deposit. The current government failed to meet the tax collection target set in the last budget of Muslim League N because it failed. Businesses and entrepreneurs come to the TV and threaten businessmen, but in practice, these threats have the opposite effect rather than tax collection and the business of fear is almost exhausted and hence the tax collection target is not met.

Claims are being made to increase exports by providing many facilities to the industrialists, but unemployment is steadily increasing and the industrialists are not ready to trust them yet. The industrialists demand that you give the same benefits as the previous government, if not extra, but the rulers do not understand that if the raw material in the previous government was Rs 100 then the answer has been Rs 500 and the industrialist wants that if I If I spend 500 rupees on raw material now I should get profit at the same rate but the rulers understand this. The asr.

The government has announced that the FBR will make it possible to collect indoor tax and tax collection in major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar. There is no doubt that the country will progress till everyone gives proper tax. But the way the FBR and the tax department are being presented on TV this morning, it is never possible to increase the tax payment because it has been etched in the minds of the public that the tax department is big. The tyrant is gracious and takes such drastic measures that it will be difficult to save your life.

When every common man is given a wage that the tax invoice is paid at the same rate and then deposited in the bank at the same time. It may be the case in Pakistan that all the commissary banks have all types of tax invoices. And the people themselves can go and submit the tax in the simplest way, unfortunately there is a system in which Rs 100 goes to the national exchequer and Rs 1000 to the tax department officer’s pocket, I have asked the general shopkeepers in Karachi. Everyone is willing to pay tax, but the common man demands that you come indoors.

See the volume of our business and create different categories. Annually fix the annual tax tax on every business’ hotel ‘,’ artisan ‘showroom’ dealer and every one of the tax department’s employees go to every shop, hotel etc. once a year to cheer them on. But every day a tax department official or officer has to overcome the fear of coming to their door and the Prime Minister himself creates such a category and introduces such a system, I think every small business big business. Individuals are willing to give a proper annual fix, but it is the government’s responsibility to eliminate the atmosphere of fear.

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