India prepares for new adventures in occupied Kashmir

Former Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti tweeted: “There is chaos on the streets of Srinagar. People are buying money from bank machines, buying petrol from petrol stations and stocking food and stores.
There are also reports: 15th August 2019 Geographical and constitutional changes are going to take place in India-administered Jammu and Kashmir.
State of Jammu and Kashmir will be transferred to “Jammu”. Valley and Ladakh will be made Union Territories. Meanwhile, adventures on the Line of Control may increase. India is surely going to take major action in Kashmir. Line of Control can also be processed. According to Mufti Mufti’s statement, India will announce the amalgamation of occupied Kashmir in India on August 15, the status of occupied Kashmir acquired under Article 35A of the Constitution of India. Which is not acceptable to Kashmiris in any way.
Under Article 35A of the Constitution of India, the assembly of Jammu and Kashmir has the power to define its own ‘permanent citizen’. At the same time, they have been given various rights while Section 370 gives some special rights to Jammu and Kashmir. Article 35A was added to the Constitution in 1954 following an order of the Indian President. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.
Due to Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir has a special state status. According to Article 35A, a person can be a citizen of Jammu and Kashmir only if he is born here. A citizen of any other state cannot buy property in Jammu and Kashmir nor become a permanent citizen nor does he have any right to jobs.
This Article 35A guarantees permanent citizenship to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
If an attempt is made to remove it, it will mean that India is eliminating the status of a special state of Kashmir. The Supreme Court of India has a trial in this regard, which is expected to be decided on Monday. Of the 370, only three are with the central government of India, including security, foreign affairs and currency. All other powers are with the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
India now seeks to abolish this article through the courts and eliminate the identity of Kashmiris and bring non-Kashmiris to the disputed area. It is an Israeli-style conspiracy aimed at converting the majority of Kashmiri Muslims to a minority, and all Kashmiris, whether they are Pandits or Sikhs, are strongly opposed.
In view of all this, the order to leave Hindu Amarnath pilgrims in Kashmir after the Indian army’s continual rise in Kashmir, the withdrawal of arms from Kashmiri police personnel is a sign that India is preparing for a major adventure in Kashmir. Attack on Azad Kashmir cannot even be termed as ‘Extermination’.
Pakistan and Kashmiris should take a global call in this regard and the current situation in Kashmir should not be altered, otherwise the situation in the region will go further to deteriorate international peace. Not ok for

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