Issue Kashmir Government’s Big Decisions!

The Modi government has abolished Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution and transformed the occupied Kashmir into a state like Bihar and Punjab, and India has taken this very step to make Kashmiri Muslims as innocent as Palestine. The purpose of this initiative of India is to settle non-Muslims in Kashmir so as to seize on Kashmiris’ property, employment and employment and eliminate Kashmiri Muslims.

India is facing serious violations of international law in Kashmir. The Kashmir issue is still controversial at the international level and due to the military tensions between the two nuclear powers, the occupied Jammu and Kashmir has been cleared. Also called a flash point.

When Pak-India was partitioned in 1947, Pakistan was based on Muslim-majority areas and India was based on Hindu-majority areas. The major part of the occupied Kashmir state was Muslim majority and it was ruled by Hindu Raja Hari Singh. For just two months after partition India, Raja Hari Singh succeeded in keeping the state independent and independent, and for the future decision of the state, Raja Hari Singh also presented an agreement with Pakistan and India to continue the dialogue. can go.
In Kashmir, the situation started to change rapidly when the separation movement from India raised its head and in view of this situation Raja Hari Singh sought military assistance from the Indian government. The army moved there to suppress it and Pakistan also withdrew its army into Kashmir. This movement of Kashmiri extremists led to the first war between Pakistan and India.

During this war, then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru promised that he would hold a referendum to seek the opinion of Kashmiris. About two months later, India took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations on August 13, 1948, a resolution passed in the United Nations. It said that the two countries should withdraw their forces from Kashmir so that a referendum can be made but the referendum could not take place as the UN resolution was not implemented.

On January 1, 1949, when a ceasefire was fought between the two countries, Kashmir became a contentious area. From the ground up for the ceasefire, Kashmir was divided into two regions and India today considered two-thirds of Kashmir as its own.

Looking at the context of the 1965 war, when the enemy India tried unsuccessfully to kill Pakistan in the dark of night, the basis of that war was Kashmir itself.

In 1972, when the Shimla agreement was reached between the two countries, the ceasefire line was called Line of Control. In the 90s, the separation of India from the Indian-administered Kashmir came into force. I had made myself a nuclear power.

In 1999, Pakistan and India’s forces came face to face once again when Pakistani troops occupied Indian military outposts in occupied Kashmir, and Indian ground and air forces made great efforts to relinquish the occupation. And the battle turned into a battle of Kargil.

Muslim struggle in Kashmir has completed 72 years of independence. In 2016, when the martyrdom of Kashmiri youth Burhan Wani blew a new spirit in the movement, Kashmiri youth have been actively joining the Kashmir movement’s right to self-determination and Kashmir movement. As I accelerate, India’s seven million troops look helpless in the face of these Kashmiris.

This is why the Modi government was in deep mental tension after the failure of Kashmir’s brutal attempt to end the movement and it was expected that the Modi government would surely take a deadly step on its failure. The brutality can be crushed under the brutality of this movement. Indian brutality in Kashmir is touching the extremities.

By eliminating this Article on Kashmir, India has made a vigorous attempt to give constitutional and legal justification to its unjust occupation, while international laws still make Kashmir a controversial and unresolved problem. India probably forgot until Kashmir. The status quo cannot be changed considering the ground realities of the United Kingdom. The move has challenged the Security Council and the UN’s jurisdiction, which has led the entire world to consider this illegal and illegal Indian law. Refusing to accept the move.

And powerful voices, including opposition within India, have been addressing the Modi government’s move from the beginning of India’s partition to a threat to India’s survival and security.

Pakistan’s government, in a timely and timely manner, took major decisions against India and informed the world, including India, that Pakistan cannot withdraw from the moral, political and diplomatic support of Kashmiri Muslims. Wagah Border Closed: Fourth of August to celebrate solidarity Kashmir, Celebrate Black Day on Independence Day of India, PAKISTAN ambassador to stay alert and non-response to enemy, India’s illegal and illegal action As a living nation by making decisions such as taking the Security Council to India Dentists have the answer to anti-constitutional move.

The government should also work for the Overseas Pakistanis in solidarity with Kashmir Set up a committee to be part of the Black Day movement so that the message could be reached as a slap in the face of the abducted and destitute enemy. India did not expect such a drastic response from Pakistan. In view of the situation, the opposition in India and the puppet government in Kashmir have raised questions against the actions of their own state and federal government.

The gravity of the situation between the two countries is sad that the Kashmir issue has become the basis of India’s destruction and destruction. If the international forces do not play a role in resolving the Kashmir issue, a possible war between Pakistan and India. I will change the basis of which India has laid the foundation of an unconstitutional action taken in Kashmir.

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