Kashmir can be found

Kashmir enters the third decade with barbed wires of curfew, the valley paradise offers fiery gloom under the shadow of footprints, ammunition headlines, Hindu-made hits and bullet strikes. Chanar is bloody, the lakes are red with the blood of Kashmiris, the waterfalls are reddish, with every rising sun, the sun rises instead of red.

But the world’s judges should keep in mind that the serious and serious circumstances of a Hindu man can be bound by the lions of God but slavery can never be forced, because every Kashmiri thinks that they should get a fleet.

The Kashmiri brothers believe that the Panjwala man will one day get rid of these iron chains with his determination, but the minds of the slaves and the people are always locked in the chains of slavery. Is also not possible.

They say that when slavery was on the rise in the United States, a woman named Harriet created a secret organization that helped the slaves to escape. Someone once asked her what was the toughest step in this mission. “To persuade a slave that you are not a slave can be liberated,” replied Leo Tolstoy, in his hometown book “War and Peace” that “if prison inmates voluntarily. If the jailer gets the right to choose, he will not be released, he will remain a prisoner. “But Kashmiris entrust this philosophy to every nominee that the day of the lion’s day Digi is better than the hundred-year life of the donkey. ā€¯Every Kashmirian in Kashmir for seventeen years, this philosophy entails the downfall and inheritance of a child born to Hurriyat.

Kashmir is a Gulshan Shadab that is not a feud for anyone. The only solution for Kashmir is the right of self-determination and opinion as per the UN resolutions that India itself took at the time of the ceasefire in 1947. Article 370 or the abolition of A35 is actually the United Nations. There is an open challenge to the contracts that the two countries have presented at different times and meetings. As the voice of Kashmir is becoming internationally important, Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed his commitment yesterday in his speech that He will not only highlight Kashmir all over the world but he will become the voice and ambassador of Kashmir to the UN. Works will submit draw attention to this issue, so let no one came two years after the government said it intended that it should now and just solution to the Kashmir problem.

If the lens of prejudice is observed with the eye of the eye, then the External Affairs Ministry and Prime Minister Imran Khan are very serious and serious on the issue of Kashmir. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has called for the Kashmir cause to favor the world’s opinion on Kashmir. They have undoubtedly been good all night. They have not tried to use all the means of expression for this series, the political, diplomatic and legal Wayne is intended to use every platform and every way. Are engaged in the pursuit of Kashmir.

Whether it is a personal visit, diplomatic letters or telephonic contact, the purpose of using all these means is to make Pakistan successful in raising the voice of Kashmir all over the world. And be successful in attracting the attention of the United Nations to Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris and to whom they want an affiliation is also their own decision. No country can maintain its sovereignty by force, oppression, tyranny and coercion.

The other side of the picture is that India wants to occupy Kashmir as a powerful force, saying that Kashmir is an integral part of them. Continuous curfew enforcement is a link in the same chain. Like our foreign ministry, their ministry is not silent. He is also trying his best to get the world’s opinion in his favor so as to maintain his dominance over Kashmir, especially given the new relationship with the Islamic countries as India’s political, economic relations with many Islamic countries. And foreign relations are considered to be stronger than Pakistan, an example of which is the UAE’s highest civilian award to Modi, the Order of Zaid. to give.

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