Martyrs Day Police and Renewal Pact

Passion is the protector of national liberty, peaceful civilian life because of that passion, there is mention of people in our history who set the example of high dedication through patriotism. The establishment of law and order is the first responsibility of any independent state. The state police force is constituted to maintain law and order and crime, which is responsible for maintaining public, social order by law enforcement and the legitimate use of force.

Martyrs Day Police and Renewal Pact

There are different police forces under the administrative units in the homeland. The stability and development of any country depends on security. Unless the law and order situation in the country improves, no society can be considered an improvement.

Unfortunately for the last 2 decades there has been a problem of law and order in Pakistan. Forces along the border Pakistan faced internal challenge; with the Pak army, the police also faced internal challenge.
In this war of terror, the martyrs of the police, along with the everlasting sacrifices of the Pak army, contributed to the unprecedented story. Every jewel in Pakistan testifies that life is not possible without sacrifice.

After the Pak army, it is now the right decision to make the day for police martyrs. To commemorate the martyrdom of the police every year in remembrance of the great sacrifices of the police, the aim is to salute the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives on the country and nation. This is a good practice because if we forget our martyrdom Of course, the morale of the police force can never be higher.

Martyrs Day Police and Renewal Pact

Police martyrs ‘wives who cry over remembering their husbands on their luxurious days when their comfort was safe, today their lives are nothing but humiliation and pensions, their honor was also considered for the martyrs’ families. And with dignity realized, efforts were made to improve the family of martyrs. Pension checks were distributed to the families of the martyrs without waiting. There was an attempt to solve the problems of education costs.

The decision to commemorate the Martyrs’ Police Day on August 4 is also a positive step, giving the impression that the families of the martyrs police are not alone, the police, civil society are with them and these martyrs are very dear to us.

The sacrifices of the Pak army come in the first and secondly the name of the police, which confronted terrorists and criminals. The sacrifices of the brave DIG Captain (R) Mubeen Ahmed, SSP Zahid Mehmood Gondal and several young martyrs demand that the common man should increase the morale of the police and not let the morals of the employees down.

No matter how difficult the work of the police is, the length of the hours, the arrival of any incident at any time, in the event of a pleasant accident or incident, ensure the protection of the lives and property of the public regardless of their own department. Is the job of Happiness, sorrow, Eid, festivals, extreme weather conditions, long duty duty policemen appear with us.

Even if these policemen give their lives to protect us, we also have to assume that the police force is our true friend and that the people look alike with the police.

On the occasion of the Martyrs ‘Martyrs’ Day, District Police Okara lit candles in memory of the martyred police at the main gate of Jinnah Park on the night of August 3, on the occasion. , Civil society and a large number of martyrs.

DPO Okara Jehanzib Nazir said on the occasion that the martyrs police have sacrificed their lives today for the bright future of the nation and country and I am proud that I am part of the force that has sacrificed for the nation and nation. The Punjab Police is the trustee of the martyrs whose martyrdom honored and honored the department with four moons.

Martyrs Day Police and Renewal Pact

The martyrs’ sacrifices are motivated by the entire police force. On this occasion, on August 4, a prestigious ceremony was held in the Taheb Shaheed Police Line to pay tribute to the martyrs.
District government gifts were given to the families of 37 martyrs of Okara Police. The ceremony was held at the Taheb Shaheed Police Line. There was a clear message from the civil society that the people of Pakistan and Pakistan are with the police. In difficult and happy times, the people will stand with the police.

Problems were resolved and improved through media management around the world. In such a case, Punjab Police also set up a media cell to keep journalists informed and remove misunderstandings between police and media personnel from which media relations managers. Worked very well to clarify the position of the police and to make the public aware. Okara-based media cell is run by the current PRO Khalid Mahmood ASIOR Assistant PRO Akbar Ali.

The role of the media cell is crucial in establishing the best working relationship between the media and the police; the scope of error and inadequacy remains at all times and everywhere. CYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD There is nothing more. Regardless of the nature of the letters, the invitation to attend an event goes wrong.

Martyrs Day Police and Renewal Pact

I have personally observed that the role of the media cell with the front desk in giving citizens an impression of their police-friendly behavior is important and also praiseworthy. For what is the special event held on August 4th, is the right decision and the best move.

Martyrs’ Day is a day of renewed commitment to maintain law and order. On this day we grieve the families of the martyrs, no doubt this grief can not be alleviated, but from that day, the families of the martyrs police are encouraged. It goes on to say that we are proud of the sacrifices made on the soil and we are living peacefully as a result of the sacrifices of the martyrs. The Martyrs’ Day of Police and Renewal Events is a confession to the new generation that we are the heirs of the martyrs who live in peace.