India’s aggression and Kashmir!

In 1974, when the Islamic countries’ summit was held in Lahore, the United States – India and the Soviet Union – were getting into severe anxiety that if an Islamic blockade existed in the region, the United States from Pakistan and other Islamic countries in terms of resources And that is why the dependence of the West will end, which is why four months after the conference, India sent a nuclear bomb to the Islamic countries with the message that India, which is going to rely on Islamic countries, has nuclear power.

India’s aggression and Kashmir!

But unlike the 1974 situation, today’s Pakistan is not only capable of representing the Islamic world but also a nuclear power. If the current world sees the importance of the Islamic world and Pakistan can be estimated then Malik Aziz has rightly assumed the position of representing the Islamic world.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s excellent foreign policy has created an environment all over South Asia, including Alam, in the context of which it is predicted that Shaid is likely to become a new block in South Asia.

Since Pakistan has become a nuclear power, Pakistan has threatened the dream of Chaudhrat in the region of India, including the enemy countries. Now India is constantly engaged in blasphemous conspiracies to accuse Pakistan of infiltration. As India is suffering from isolation globally, the tense situation that has arisen due to India’s bigotry, is again increasing the tension of Pak-India.

Enemy Malik India always resorted to terrorism to destroy Pakistan’s peace, while Pakistan always invited talks to resolve India’s affairs in order to end terrorism and maintain peace in the region, which India always called it Pakistan. If India starts a war with Pakistan because of its bigotry, then India should understand that Pakistan has strong allies like China in the region, including Islamic countries, if India imposes war on Pakistan. This war may be limited to unlimited, which will lead to great disaster in the region.

India’s aggression and Kashmir!

Pakistan has offered to resolve the joint terrorism ‘Pulwama’ evidence and other issues through dialogue, but nevertheless, Modi believes that it is Pakistan’s weakness, so Pakistan is once again determined by time and place. This will certainly prove that Pakistan’s desire for peace is not weak at all. Pakistan Army Chief of Public Relations, General Asif Ghafoor said in his recent Twitter message that India has crossed the Line of Control over Pakistan. The accusations of action and the seizure of bodies are based on lies India makes the world’s attention by making such plays. Kashmir is in the works to remove the massive increase in atrocities by the Indian army.

This is not the first time that India has accused Pakistan of using cross-border team of Line of Control before in 2017 India has made a baseless claim that the Pakistani army entered Kashmir by occupying Kashmir. Attacking an Indian Army party, killing two soldiers and destroying their bodies, on the basis of which Pakistan’s claim of India was a lie.

India lies in lieu of lies and macrophobia failing to hide its terrorist masculine face. Used bombs that violate international human rights laws According to the Geneva agreement, no member country can use brutal tactics during combat with another country, but India can still use it. Human rights laws are being stopped at the point of pride and arrogance This is where India’s terrorist attitude of neglect and bring those responsible to determine where fluid is challenging the constitutional authority of human rights.

A meeting of the National Security Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Kahn, was attended by three Joint Chiefs of Staff including the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff at the meeting. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi telephoned OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousuf Ahmed to discuss growing Indian aggression and law and order situation in Kashmir, in addition to worsening situation. On which the Secretary General of the OIC asked the Foreign Minister to take notice of the situation And assured of all possible cooperation.

The fourth generation of Kashmir is fighting a war of liberation, and India is brutally crushing the blood of innocent Kashmiri Muslims through their brutality and India is planning to change its geographical location in Kashmir. The changing situation in Kashmir has once again brought the Kashmir movement to its peak. The whole world is aware of the tension between Pakistan and India that the peace problem of the two countries is tied to the solution of Kashmir. I am a certified Ram Ram.

According to Indian police data, the youth who are joining Kashmir movement in freedom movement has increased from 31 percent to 60 percent in 2018. In the context of this situation, the global media has kept the ground facts in mind.

India’s aggression and Kashmir!

In his remarks, he raised the question that Kashmir is getting out of India’s hands. India intends to reduce the brutal history of brutality in Kashmir and its Kashmiris are trying to suppress the Muslim freedom movement. The crooked face has been badly exposed to the whole world.

There is a need that Pakistan’s media and intellectuals play their part in bringing the real situation of Kashmir to the world and the government should also make public opinion in favor of freedom of movement so that India adheres to the promises made in the UN. And most importantly, a human rights organization like the United Nations should take a notice of human rights violations in Kashmir and set up a neutral inquiry committee to give Kashmiri Muslims the right to comment on the democratic requirements. And the Kashmiri Muslims are free and independent in their own right You can decide.