If Modi has the courage then come out

In the name of Kashmir, we are very conscious. Read it, hear it and see that Kashmir is our vein. Can anyone survive without a vein of course? The vein is a fixture. Things have changed. The meaning of the word has changed. It has also been changed. The fact that even the world’s most powerful rulers have retreated from their decisions, their position and their position for the sake of the few, but we.

We have not changed or changed our paradise. Where we have been since the beginning of the day, even today, it is still a turning point for the happy hand of the oppressed Kashmiris.

Despite the changing world of thought and thought, we still believe that God cannot do this without our God-given archetype.

No paradise has ever been an infidel, nor will any one ever be found. The hope of getting this paradise by a black infidel like Moody is not in any way irrelevant. They will win Kashmir for some reason but it is their fault. Even before Modi came to conquer Kashmir, his elderly father, Magarwah, went to this world for the purpose of conquering Kashmir.

With regard to the special status of occupied Kashmir, India has abolished Article 370 of the Constitution, and the flames that it has inflamed in Paradise Nazirwadi will not only spread far and wide, but in this fire, India itself will be burnt.

The Modi government ended the special status of occupied Kashmir to hide its sins, crimes and blasphemy, but Modi’s insidious, brutal and conspiratorial demeanor will now be the beginning of Kashmir’s independence.

As Modi now wishes to send the army into occupied Kashmir. No one can stop Kashmir from liberation. We see big black infidels like Modi coming out of their laurels to liberate the Islamic world, but then the big heroes and the pharaohs are also out to describe the state of affairs in Kadinia.

Before understanding the occupied Kashmir Dadapak jagir, Modi must have kept his brother in front of him. The fear of Muslims in the heart of Modi is ridiculous, which is why they are embracing the genocide of Muslims.

Modi has dyed his unclean hands with the blood of many innocent Muslims around India. While killing Muslims, Modi is forgetting that the house where Muslims are martyred for a martyr is followed by the ten mujahid soldiers of Islam. Modi’s origins had been uncovered before, but on the fundamental rights of the present-day Kashmiris, Mark Marmody has made himself known to the whole world.

Indian brutality, aggression and brutality on innocent Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir is not hidden from anyone. For the fulfillment of its unclean ambitions, the Modi government has used force and stance in the occupied Kashmir for the ill-fated Kashmiris. Clusterbombs are being flown, but innocent children, women, elders and young people are being bathed in blood.

Seeing the atrocities happening in Indian hands in Kashmir, Indan also forgets Burma, Palestine, Syria and Afghanistan. Modi is no longer trying to persuade Pakistani Muslims to take away their paradise. Every day, bodies are creeping in Kashmir. Funerals are creeping up on the bodies. Everybody screams – this is blood and blood.

Modi has done what he has done. The mothers, sisters, daughters and brother-in-law of Kashmir are now looking at us and only with hopeful eyes. The enemy has shattered it. He has always cut off our vein and cut us off.

Now it is our responsibility to cut off the enemy’s unclean and dead body from their roots before the cutting of this vein and put it in front of a dog. Article 370 of the Constitution regarding the special status of India-occupied Kashmir is the final warning for us. And the real message is that borrowing your vein will lose it. We played a lot with the Kashmir issue.

The talk is far from reprehensible and blasphemous. The ghosts of the katal are ignored by the dagger-mouthed kicks.

Modi ji is not a person who repents and understands the language of shark. He does not come to this sensation till the good rains of the katha come to his ears. We sing a lot of peace songs. Read.

We have also heard the slogan of friendship from India. Past and present have witnessed that what we could do to save Modi from suicide is now… Now we do not sing songs of peace. We do not read Modi’s stories. And they are not going to shout slogans of friendship from India. Our paradise was burning in the fire and we could have done it by chanting slogans of peace and friendship of peace.

Now there will be talk in the same language and language which will be spoken to us. By eliminating the special status of occupied Kashmir, Modi and his entourage do not remain in the happy understanding that the Kashmiris won.

It is not just a matter of the children of the intellect that win Kashmir. As long as one child of Pakistan is alive, what is Modi? Modi’s father Can’t even win Kashmir.

Kashmir was our backbone, and it will always be. Those who look at our heavenly eyes can pass through our lives, but they can never get to Paradise. 22 crore is still with Kashmiris under the leadership of the Pak army. The blood of Kashmiris is on us and we will insure this debt when the time comes.

In the context of the current situation, the government has to abandon its old and common policy in regard to Kashmir and put a tide on Modi’s face so that he can understand his times. There is no common and small issue. For the opposition parties and the opposition leader, sack political issues on the sidelines and pass on the issue to the government.

Kashmir is our backbone, but it is also our honor and honor. How can any Muslim give his honor and honor to any of the black infidels of the world? If Modi has the courage, let us try the particle.