Resolve or resist Kashmir solution?

The Kashmir issue is a very important issue in history and it has come into being as a result of the Palestinian issue as a result of British colonial conspiracies and US support. The nature of the two issues, though significant, is different. The governments and the instrumentalities of the oppressive regimes are the same as mentioned above.

Resolve or resist Kashmir solution?

The problem, whether in Kashmir or Palestine or any other region where oppressive systems have kept the nations under control, and the unending stream of persecution are in place. If this is done, then surely the same thing will come to the fore that the oppressed nations have the right to decide.

If speaking in the light of international law, all such nations, including Palestine and Kashmir, have the rights and powers to remove the invading and invading powers of their lands, and not just to defend their rights and to return to their land. Protest but also armed struggle and such struggle will not be called illegal.

The issue of Palestine has been around for more than seventy years, or more than a hundred years if it is reviewed by the Balfour Declaration. The history of Kashmir has also been more than seventy years, but in both cases whenever As the pretext of reconciliation continues, the rights of the oppressed nations continue to wane.

Let us give you an example of reconciliation in the Palestinian issue, when Yasser Arafat came to the US and tried to settle the problem of Palestine by sitting at the table with the Zionist enemy and the devil’s elderly Americans. The Palestinians’ hands have progressed slowly, and the point has come to the point that the enemy is now on its way to establishing its own illegitimate dominion over the Qibla first.

The Kashmir issue has also become embroiled in a similar cycle of reconciliation. Where slogans of reconciliation have damaged the Mujahideen, the oppressed nation of Kashmir has been removed from freedom and isolation. When the answer was answered, then the enemy was in the range and kept thinking dozens of times before invading Kashmir or the third tyranny of Kashmiris, but we have since resisted the poison of reconciliation. From that day onwards, the courage of the enemy has grown so much that it not only cries in occupied Kashmir but also the border. On this side it also attacks the population even if the forces respond to the invading enemy later. But the question arises why the enemy should have such courage?

Look at the Palestinians if they are not like Kashmiris, but for the past several years they have been fighting against tanks with stones and now have come to the realization that Palestinian resistance movements are as bloody as Israel and powerful armies for the world. Are.

Not only do they fight and defend, but Palestinian resistance has come to the point that it is astonishing the enemy by blowing up its drone aircraft. The Zionist enemy has fallen asleep. Arab forces were subdued in a few hours today, fleeing against Hezbollah in Lebanon because the horrific defeat in the 33-day war in 2006 was not due to reconciliation, but to Hezbollah resistance and perseverance, which Israel Will the generations of the Zionists be remembered in history after it was erased?

Similarly, the battles within Palestine that continued for the first twenty-two days and forty-five days are now repelled within a few hours due to the sustained resistance of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, which has resulted in mere and only resistance. That understanding.

The summary is that the oppressed people of Kashmir do not have and they are doing their duty as much as they can with the existing weapons, but if anything is harming their sustainability, then it is the only and poison of reconciliation which is the poison of Kashmir. Who is taking the issue away from the solution and the poison of reconciliation will not end the aspirations of Kashmiris’ independence.

Therefore, the people of Kashmir have to choose resistance while staying within themselves and so should the Muslim states of the region to help Kashmir rise, as few Muslim states are helping the Palestinians financially in the issue of Palestine.

Since Kashmir is the backbone of Pakistan, according to Baba Nation Leader Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Jinnah, it is the responsibility of Pakistan to provide financial support to the oppressed people of Kashmir, while avoiding the poison of reconciliation. It has to be taken because history has recorded that Zionists are the enemy or the US enemy or that the police forces of all these evil forces are India and its invading forces. They all understand only one language and that language is the language of resistance. Is.

Resolve or resist Kashmir solution?

It is also important for the people of Pakistan to cooperate with governments at all levels to ensure government assistance to the oppressed nations of the world, including Palestine, Kashmir, Yemen, Bahrain, Nigeria, Myanmar. It is clear that keeping open the path of reconciliation will not give freedom to Kashmir, nor can India’s aggression from Kashmir end. The only way for Kashmiris to suffer and be liberated is through resistance and perseverance which entices the people of Kashmir. And we have to openly support and support them at all levels. Otherwise, another solution R and if they can be deceived Kashmiris But that cannot be solved.