Demand for International Kashmir Conference to be held in Islamabad

The Kashmir Rescue Rally, which was to show solidarity with the Kashmiris by going from the Apara Market to the Indian Embassy. The rally prevented the government from going to the Indian Embassy. Expressing solidarity with Kashmiris in his closing address near the Indian Embassy.

The government demanded that Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan should hold an inter-national conference on the deteriorating situation of Pakistan’s Highway, Kashmir in Islamabad, in the capital of Pakistan.

As far as Kashmir Bachauri is concerned, a large number of people participated in it. Kashmir and Jamaat-e-Islami were in the hands of the people.

Also on the cards and banners were the slogans of “Go Bharat Go”. Local and provincial leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami in Mukherin strongly supported Kashmiris in their speeches on the occasion of independence from India and joining Pakistan. The leadership of Azad Kashmir also embraced the struggle of the Kashmiris. Various social, religious, civil society and labor leaders of the area also shared the story of Kashmir’s current atrocities and the exploitation of Kashmir in India and in particular sections 1 and 2.

O spoke on a conspiracy to annihilate and increase the number of troops to nine million. At the same time, Kashmiris were told, “Step up Kashmiris, we are with you”. At present ten Indian brutal soldiers are guarding in front of every Kashmiri house. So that Kashmiris are locked in homes and killed due to lack of food and water. Depart from your position of legitimate freedom.

Giara has been curfewed by the day. Internet, ordinary phones, mobile phones and newspapers are off. Kashmiris have lost contact with the world. In fact, in Kashmir, the extremist Indian brutal army has created karbalajasis. The Indian government has also included extremist hooligans trained in terrorism from the terrorist camp in Jammu, along with the army, while limiting the atrocities and atrocities on Kashmiris.

Don’t know what they are doing to the Kashmiris. This will detect if the curfew is open. Thousands of Kashmiris have come out of the houses, even for some time, the curfew has been open.

Establishing Bangladesh, the Prime Minister of India stated that I have drowned the second ideology of Quaid-e-Azam in Bengal.

Muslims have avenged the rule of India for thousands of years. In Bangladesh, the daughter of traitor Pakistan Mujib, who escaped the outcry from the wrath of the Bengalis, a supporter of the two-nation ideology. Defend two-nation ideology and convict the leaders of the warring Islamist side with their army in the war through the tribunal of fake war crimes.

The main leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh were clashing one by one. But that did not detract from the stance of the second ideology of its leader. Further evidence of the participation of millions of Bengali Muslims in the rally in solidarity with Kashmiris in Bangladesh has proved that the two-nation ideology is alive. Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh protested in favor of Kashmir in millions.

Apart from Muslim countries, wherever there are Kashmiris in the world, by organizing rallies and rallies in Kashmir, they have proved to India that it is not a mistake to treat Kashmiris alone. Otherwise you will have to repent.

The Jamaat-e-Islami will take the final decision after the Eid-ul-Adha to take any action on Kashmir on its own, which includes several options.

The government should also gather representatives from all over the world in Islamabad to inform India of its intentions to end Pakistan. Addressing the parliament of Azad Kashmir on August 7, Khan made it clear to the world that if Pakistan wage war between India, its effects will spread not to this region but to the whole world.

India, on the basis of our national weaknesses, made the Mukti Bahini together with the treacherous Mujib in the name of Bangladesh, nationality and so-called rights. Mukti Bahini broke mountains of oppression on non-Bengali speaking Urdu. The Pakistani army was reversed.

India has finally entered its army and, following its old doctrine, made East Pakistan Bangladesh in the name of language and nationality. The world is known that the founder of Pakistan, Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, had democratically convinced the British that, like a formula of equal two, the two largest nations in India are Hindus and Muslims.

Their methods of relaxation are different, their civilization, culture and society are different. The heroes of these two nations are different. The hero of one nation is the villain of another. The two cannot stay awake for long. The British had snatched the Indian government from the Muslims.

For thousands of years, Hindus had no central government anywhere in the subcontinent. They have no obligation to run government against Muslims.

(This is happening in the Modi government. The Muslims ruled India for a thousand years, satisfying a large Hindu majority. But now the Hindu ruler continues to treat the Muslim minority in India, which is unsettling). ۔ Therefore the subcontinent should be divided into two independent states. The British could not stand against this argument. The subcontinent was divided into two independent states.

How nice it would be to have two countries like the good neighbors and raise the standard of living of our poor people, but sadly not so sad Under the formula of the Declaration of Sakshim, the Kashmiris’ political party, Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, passed a resolution to join Pakistan.

But India, which fled Kashmir, had joined India with Maharaja Hari Singh’s “fake affiliation” document with India and defied the English internationally recognized distribution formula, joining a Muslim with Pakistan. Occupied Kashmir, a majority state, and occupied it.

Former Kashmiris begin a war against India. The Pakistani army and tribesmen joined in. The Pakistani occupants liberated the territory of the present Azad Kashmir, one hundred miles long and thirty miles wide, from India. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan captured and seized the Raja’s troops. Pakistan’s convicts were about to reach Srinagar when Indian Prime Minister Nehru submitted a ceasefire request to the UN.

Following on from the tricks of his old intellectual, Chanakya Kotliya, the Indian leadership turned away from his promise. And started to say in public that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Due to Pakistan’s weak and charismatic policies, the whole of Pakistan has broken down and started making Akhand India.

The Indians say that the Quaid-e-Azam made Pakistan and divided India into two pieces. These pieces have to be folded back to make Akhand India. Accepting India’s request, the United Nations ceasefire and deploy its absconders on both sides of the state of Kashmir, which has existed till today. Since the Raja’s rule in Kashmir, there has been a law that no one can buy non-Kashmir property in Kashmir. ۔
India too made it a part of its constitution by giving special status to the state of Kashmir to deceive the Kashmiris.

Narendra Das Modi, a core member of India’s extremist terrorist organization, RSS, when the Indian state was Gujarat’s chief minister, had long confused the Muslims. Three (3) Muslims were killed by their state police.

On this cruelty, many other countries, including the United States of America, have banned Modi from entering their countries, treating Modi as a terrorist. India won the election of Narendra Das Modadi, the founding member of the extremist RSS of India. Became Prime Minister of During this time, Asher Abad continued to give victims of severe violence to the Muslims of India.

Biased, extremist terrorists bandage Hindu Muslims and poke J Shri Ram. Muslims continue to martyrdom on suspicion of having beef in the refrigerator. Muslims are being killed on the slogan of Bande Mataram and Bharat Mata JJ. Muslims were told that if they do not become severe then they threaten to leave Pakistan.

Modi has promised the people of India in an election manifesto to fight the Eighth Election Pakistan, to break more of Pakistan, to abolish the special position of Kashmir in its manifesto and to build a Ram temple in Ajodhya. Was. Now the special section of Kashmir has been abolished in fulfillment of this claim. The remaining claims are yet to be fulfilled.

Are the Muslims of Pakistan in the name of Islam ready to see the fall of Pakistan after the collapse of Dhaka? Pakistanis our Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that I warn India that there should be no aggression against Pakistan in any way. Otherwise, instead of brave Shah Zafar’s cowardice, I would prefer fighting and fighting like the bravery of Tipu Sultan.

But the manner in which Modi has prepared his nation for war with Pakistan is known to the whole world. Our old leadership had an apologetic attitude with India. India threatened to break us and our leadership kept talking about the potato trade.

Now Imran Khan has called India while interpreting the Pakistani nation. So the political parties of Pakistan should help the government to save Pakistan by keeping its own politics aside. In these special cases, first Nawaz Sharif and Zardari should announce that at least half of the money from corruption is deposited in the treasury of the poor people of Pakistan.

Following this announcement, Imran Khan should issue a release order stopping the proceedings against him in the interest of big national interests. If these two men did not do so, remember that if Pakistan-India war is possible, then according to the law, all the property belongs to the state. In addition, Imran Khan should convey a message to India through a common friend that he should approach his anti-Pakistan sect.

Give Pakistan the right to live up to its national thinking. There are still unconfirmed resolutions in the UN regarding Kashmir.

Kashmiris should give Muslims an opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination by following in their commitment to the world. Kashmiris decide in their free opinion whether they want to join India or join Pakistan.

The Government of Pakistan, along with India, put all this action in front of the International Kashmir Conference held in Islamabad to make the world aware of the behavior of the two nuclear powers. In consultation with the clerics in response to the negligence of India, find first The Christian people must collectively ask their God for forgiveness of their sins. Then, after consulting the Ulema, as the head of the state of Pakistan, Imran Khan should declare jihad.

Then the history of Sha’Allah will repeat itself. Allah Almighty will help Pakistani Muslims who are on the right, according to their old Sunnah Pakistan will be victorious Insha Allah – Kashmir will be liberated and join Pakistan. The State of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will be completed.

Allah will defeat the idolatrous Indian Hindus. The oppressed Muslims of Kashmir and India will get rid of the oppression of the brutal soldiers of India. The whole nation should thank two rak’ah prayers when it is victorious. Then, while demonstrating fiercely and pursuing the Sunnah of its opposition, India will allow the Hindus of Pakistan to live in peace and tranquility. happens. Who else can keep his promise beyond Allah?