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What color will change the government’s changes?

If there is a mistake by scandalizing a barrel, it becomes a new “hair styling”, if the tailor makes a mistake by lying on the spot, then it is considered as “fashioned”. The new taste is a mistake by Khansa Mama or cooking chef.

What color will change the government’s changes?

By assuming the doctor’s mistake as “Ruling Divine”, he takes two patience of patience. Even if a person or a religious scholar is making any mistake in resolving religious problems, it is a sincere attempt to “give up” While ignoring them, if a treasurer or accountant accounting for a compromise, Sohrabhi is committed to making a minor mistake, it is immediately referred to as “fraud” or “hibb”. Every professional in the world can have a minimum or more, or more new experience experience in our sector, but a financial accountant This special feature is not available for accounting or treasurer’s experience in the performance of his professional affairs, therefore a good and wisely accountant must always be considered to be four, not only self but also others. At the same time, the person who strives to make this point of view, however, may also be like the former minister of finance, Asad Umar, Pakistan.

The biggest mistake of Asad Umar was that he started making various financial experiences in the Finance Ministry as he assumed the Finance Minister, without thinking that in the world of economics, instead of creation creators, Formula “.

Asad Omar, however, could afford to expect Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan’s expectations in the economic field of Opening Batsman, but still he can not be denied that Asad Umar, in the wilderness’s economic condition inherited from the previous government The 100% sincerely attempt for Sudhhand must be with the whole heart, now it is different that in order to achieve its desired target, whatever new economic experiences they have done to revive the economy, badly one of them successfully Could not survive.

One of the most appreciative words of Asad Omar is that he chose the way to fall short of his failure to open his financial failure in the financial field, not only to make more economic experiences but to laugh for the new player of economics. Leave your place too.

In the broader interest of the country, Asad Umar’s resignation resignation will always be remembered in good words, as the only Pakistani minister to be able to resign as an excellent example of resigning from his ministry based on poor work Other than any other minister or the past has passed before them in the past, they have been either driven by their ornaments or have been taken away from the ear by being disqualified in light of any judicial order, while Pakistan’s history I have passed such a fascinator like Ishaq Dar, who calls himself “Awami Tehrik”.

And today also discuss various TV channels, as it is the real finance minister of Pakistan, as an alternative player of Asad Umar, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, who came to bat in the economic field, was considered as the best choice of Imran Khan. Properties are the status of an authority on the economy and instead of claiming to be an all-rounder like Asad Umar, there is a full-fledged batsman “apart from this, Pakistan economy is not a new thing for them to understand They will need a long time because Abdul Hafeez Sheikh before it too difficult in the economic conditions Having done his professional services, thanks to the well-being, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh can easily be added to the list of some counting channels of Pakistan, good finance minister.

Today, those who are expressing anxiety over the sudden changes in the cabinet, we should remind them that Prime Minister Imran Khan had made his first speech made by the nation that he would work his ministers but deep It will be a matter of opinion and any minister who will fail to show the work will be removed from the post, it seems that the ministers took this statement as a political statement and everyone assumed that The only elected Prime Minister of 6 votes, perhaps “political” to dismiss any minister from his ministry. The “Do not take coins, the” political idea “Walking a few ministers openly was too deep impression in public circles, which began to show their colors properly.

What color will change the government’s changes?

Imran Khan is blackmailing badly by some ministers, but Imran Kayani denied the key to the impression by removing Amir Kayani and Ghulam Sarwar from his ministry and again reinforced his players. The message has given that the next cabinet will remain in the cabinet which will showcase, hope can be expected, Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken such a big and controversy decision to survive or come new The ministers will make great improvements in the performance, but the need for the change is that this wave of change after the federation is the largest province of Pakistan. It should be seen in Punjab also because the Punjab government is highly disappointing and frustrated under the leadership of the workman of the Uttar Pradesh Bucharar, so know that the journey of the change in “change government” without the change of the captain of the Punjab.