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The stress on the Internet causes free speeches in the UK

The flagship of the Government’s Internet Regulation Policy is warned that it can lead to the North Korean style censorship regime, where regulators are decided to allow many councils to visit.

The stress on the Internet causes free speeches in the UK

Damages online online Law enforcement held in white paper, cover any web site that “allows users to share or discover user-generated content, or with online on-line Allows you to communicate “, a definition that is likely to contain many areas of the Internet.

As well as social media companies and discussion forums, any site with comment section, suggested reviews or individual user profile pages comes under this definition, online news sites include everything in video game stores.

Regulation assumes responsibility for caring for affected sites, they are obliged to “behave in harmony but not necessarily illegal.” Such a site can not be held responsible for its maintenance, its senior managers have been named as criminal or the regulator can ask that the site should be stopped completely.

The proposed rules, and the creation of a regulator to enforce them, are part of a wide range of recommendations that try to deal with spreading the spread of content related to terrorism, child abuse, self-harm and suicide attacks on the Internet. .

On Monday, the white paper comes after the increasing pressure on the government, which has to result in the death of young Molly Russell, whose father believed that photographs of harming himself on social media There was a factor for yourself. Life.

But the critics of the political spectrum have warned that even the freedom of expression can threaten. Jim Kakak, Executive Director of the Right-to-Right Group, said: “The government’s suggestions will make state laws of speech of millions of British citizens. We hope that the duty of care will be overwhelmed, with grave impact on legal content. Which is potentially dangerous, whether it is not really or not. ”

On Monday, government ministers tried to dismiss criticism. Household secretary Sajid Javaid said: “Press freedom in this country is absolutely holy” and it is “nothing in this white paper that is in any way challenging”.

Earlier, cultural secretary Jeremy Wright promised that government plans will not come to “North Korean style-style censorship” to manage online losses, although government regulators stop companies from working in the UK. Was planning to introduce a new power. .

Wright said the powers to block websites were an important part of law enforcement. Wright said, “If anything else fails,” we would just refuse to miss some of these websites to work in the UK.

“It’s a power that is available somewhere else. It’s technically possible to do this. It’s not a problem, I should make it clear. But I think this kind of crime is complete for the government. The boundary will be set, and it is also included because we need companies who are big, global companies … to take this regulator seriously. ”

Others said that law enforcement would not have any effect on restructuring in large tech companies. Representating the United Kingdom’s Starat Industry, executive director of the Digital Economy, Dom Hallas said: “These will pass through technology companies, will not punish them.”

“The wide range of suggestions is that they write not only social media but practically the entire Internet – in the news of newspaper sharing from file sharing. These will not be the most affected companies that claim government They are targeting, but everything. It will compete enough to take advantage of the largest platform with resources and legal power and to restrict the ability to start a British competition.

But some social media companies believe that regulation can be disabled. An industry source said: “This legislation proves that the West Coast technology companies have acquired foreign and incredible power that they live in the UK. But to a non-elected, incredible regulator, Just as difficult to move, or will be worse.

The stress on the Internet causes free speeches in the UK

“Parliament is that where the decision should affect the free speech. The government is announcing some speech ‘legal but harmful’ and giving very unparalleled definitions of this speech, on issues such as cyberbullying and trolling, almost No details.