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Facebook and YouTube respond to crystalline videos response

YouTube and Facebook have defended themselves against the allegations that they failed to work fast on the crystry terrorism attack, ensuring that their moderate number of uploaded videos It is possible to prefer.

Facebook and YouTube respond to crystalline videos response

Facebook told Tuesday that the actual connection of the attack was seen alive more than 200 times and before 4,000 people were resurrected before it was removed.

Its copies were spread rapidly and the company had uploaded 1.5 million by Saturday evening. By the morning, more than 800 footage modifications were posted on the site.

YouTube said that it had tried to keep an unprecedented number of videos at the top of the video, in the end, so far, to get human reviewers out of the loop so that the system automatically displays more videos Take it immediately.

A spokesman told Guardian: “After the attack, the quantity of related videos uploaded to YouTube was in both 24 hours and fast.

“In response, we have taken several steps, including rejecting any footage of violence, temporarily suspending the ability to sort or filter the searches by temporarily updating the date, and on this point To make sure the results came from authentic news sources. ”

Facebook largely rely on the audience to flag the difficulty component, and does not employ moderate staff enough to see every live video because it’s going to happen.

One of the Facebook Vice-President Chris Cinderella said during the crystalline life, the first user’s report came in a broadcaster in 29 minutes and after 12 minutes ended.

He said that Facebook has created digital libraries of primary livestock, which makes a major part of automatic removal and allows more than 80% of videos to be blocked before publicly posted it.

But the technology used to create fingerprints is delicate and can be beaten simple in simple ways such as screen film and uploading the resulting video. Such a recording that was followed by Guardian during Thursday, despite being “massively shooting in New Zealand”, was on Facebook more than five hours before taking down.

Paris said on Monday “He recorded” more than 800 displaced videos “and the body of these industries, jointly recorded the World Internet Forum to counter terrorism, so that other companies with them Let’s go along

Youtube chief edition officer Neil Moan told Washington Post, after cutting out a human review loop, the site closed a feature late Friday, to find users to upload recent uploads. Allowed New videos watched by millions

As a result of this attack, policy makers worldwide said failure to work faster than social media and other companies had another evidence that needed strict rules.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jackinda Arden emphasized more social media platforms to fight terrorism. “We can not just believe that these platforms are available only and what is said is not the responsibility of the place where they are published.” “” They are publishers, not only posterists. No profit, no responsibility. ”

Facebook and YouTube respond to crystalline videos response

UK Secretary-General Sajid Javaid said: “Online platforms are responsible for not doing terrorist activities. The terrorist filmed his shooting with the intention of spreading his ideas. More importantly to stop messages on platforms. “