Thomas May says there is no connection between the knife and police deficit

Thessalasa has claimed that the increase in the police will help to knock the knife’s crime, ensuring that there is no “direct contact” between the two.

Talking about the knife’s violence, the prime minister said he would be ready to deal with the root cause of the crisis. However, as police officers and politicians have sought further help to deal with this problem, according to May, this resource was not a question.

Thomas May says there is no connection between the knife and police deficit

The former Home Secretary said, “There was no direct link between certain crimes and police numbers.” “What matters is that when we believe that the police are answering these criminal acts, they have come to justice.”

However, home secretary, Sajid Javaid, on Monday, answering the immediate question in the House of Commons, said that the police should be given resources to deal with violence.

Javed, who will make a meeting of police chief heads on Wednesday to discuss this matter, he said that he will take legal advice on the fight against the crime of violence which includes legal health responsibilities, all public sector Prefer the sections.

May’s comments will be criticized criticism that the lack of service to police and youth is a key element in knife crime. Metropolitan Police said that they can not “spell out of thin air” to solve the problem.

David Assistant Commissioner Graham McNeilly said in a small printed application for further resources that police changes are being extended after a series of attacks, including the murder of Judy Chessney, 17, on Friday.

After this attack, the death of 17-year-old Joseph Mickey in Guantrester Manchester, and the outbreak of the knife control was in danger. According to the data released by channel 4, Monday, more than 16 people have been increased by 93 percent in the hospital for knives attacks since 2012.

“He was a sportsman, a dedicated student and very bright. He said he had to see everything,” he said. “We are absolutely destructive and can not believe that our sons have gone.”

He said his death has affected the entire community. “Joseph just called home before he would say he would stay home for his tea, but there was a terrible news with the next knock on the door. It’s a bad dream of every parent,” he said. Family added

To appeal to someone with information about the attack on the police, he said: “Recently, we talked about his promise of life before and how he was waiting for life. She was a promise student and loved by everyone. ”

Her school had a “tribute to a lovely young and incredibly exquisite student” who was studying four A-surfaces and wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

“It is impossible to realize such an illustration, a prince of the proud family, a dear friend and a young man,” said Dr. Martin Bullen, a high-ranking Manchester Grammer.

“This dangerous loss is to hurt the school. The whole school community views are with Joseph’s family.” He requested confidentiality for young family and friends.

Mechanical said: “The meeting is the first priority to deal with violence, and we are working day and night for the development.

“Last weekend, more than the officers of the crime of our violence, the officers had arranged for duty and we saw our shifts across London.

Asked if the current officers’ solution was resolved, mechanical said: “I can not do magical officers with thin air, but we are happy that our officers are professional and worried and want to make the difference And they are doing incredibly hard work hard times.

Manchester Mayor, Andy Birham, condemned the phone to put more officers on the streets. From the beginning of this year, he plans to generate 18 million pounds from Council Tax for 320 new police recruiters including 220 Foundation Officers.

About 80% of police funding comes from central government support. According to the Greater Manchester Police, the government has reduced it to £ 250 million, which has caused damage to 2000 police officers and 1,000 non-police personnel.

However, however, a cross-government was needed. “It’s not just about police; it’s about the entire government and this is the whole government that is responding.” The Prime Minister further added.

He said that there was a majority of the violence or drug related relationship: “There are a wide range of issues that need to be addressed here and what is the government doing.”

Burhamham said that parents also have the responsibility to ensure that their children were not knitting. “Do we all know when our children are going out, where are they going, they are going to meet and what they are taking? Many of them start at home,” he added.

Thomas May says there is no connection between the knife and police deficit

The spies believe that the attack was not related to the group, and the two 17-year-old boy would continue to question the murder. The police said, Joseph, who lived in South Manchester, Brenna, was killed earlier this year in Greater Manchester this year.

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