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Parliament expressed an increase over £ 1.6bn for poorer cities

The government has been promoting £ 1.6bn funds to lose English prisoners immediately from its own parliament, because it appears that in some areas the cost of guarantee in some areas is as low as a 58p per person.

The Town’s Fund, the name, firmly announced on the night, is an opportunity to support the previous communities, but exposed as a raw effort to potentially raise the relationship of Labor Parliament to the May 11 break in the Bristol agreement. Done.

Money has been allocated to £ 1bn in different English areas, spent for more than seven years, up to 33 million pounds for the southwest of the northwest. 600 bounds will be available in any region through the bidding process.

The community secretary, James Brookson, emphasized that the money was not on the way to pass. “This is someone else than the results of the funds, but it is obvious that we want to see a deal. We make sure what is in our country’s best interests,” he told BBC Radio 4. told.

But later, after answering the comical questions, Brockson was pressured by the High Conservative Parliament Henry Smith, who said that his cradle rings had some of the most deprived worms of England’s south-east in England.

Brokerson’s Hirri said he would later give a more complete answer to a work statement on Monday, adding: “But this is an element of £ 1.6 billion with an element which is competitive competition and I certainly But I encourage people. ”

Apparently, the availability of both bribery and money measure showed that the Labor Parliament did not affect it, whose goal was with GREAT SPIL, that its allocated local council, stock tent, last four years in the.

There is also a dislike between some conservatives in the agreed disposition of £ 1bn element, and it includes large regional variables. The population will receive 105 million pounds, or approximately 40 pounds per year of the north-eastern population, which will be £ 5.70 a year per year during the seven consecutive years.

The annual yearly amount of each person is above £ 5 for Northwest, Yorkshire and Hamber and Eastern Midlands. However, it reaches £ 3.30 for Eastern Midlands, and 85 percent of the population in Southwest is one year, with many deprived areas.

Speaking on departmental questions, the secretary of the Shadow community, Andrew Gauen said that £ 26 million for the North West was less than Rs 1.5 crores, which was under the stress reduction in the basic council funds.

He told Brooklyn’s house: “Does he think the members of the house feel frustrated and are defenders from today’s announcement?”

Earlier, the spokesperson of the Municipality stressed that the money will be new expenses, and similar joint prosperity can not be taken from the fund, reducing regional non-equality and already contributing to the EU’s funding. Previously announced plan.

The spokesperson said that the details of joint prosperity funds, which were already offered this year, would soon be soon.

He further added: “The Chief Minister has said that the right answer has been given to the steps of Donging Street, that our community’s prosperity has spread a fairly long period of time. Our economy works well for some places. Yes, but we want to make sure that they work for all communities. ”

Earlier, the views of the Joseph Convention Foundation, poverty said, “The new city’s fund” does not mean to be caught in joint prosperity fund, the EU’s commitment to the city for cities and cities using the refund back home.

Parliament expressed an increase over £ 1.6bn for poorer cities

Advice on this fund “was more than a long time and cities and cities had to face uncertainty because the return process of the Brickest focuses on the white hall.”